Is Netflix Considering Young Justice Season 3?

Young Justice!

Waitafreakingsec…Netflix is actually considering Young Justice Season 3? Seriously? No FREAKING way! But, according to the show’s producer, Greg Weisman, and voice actor Khary Payton (voice of Aqualad), it seems Netflix may be taking a hard look at Young Justice and considering a third season!

Through Twitter, Weisman implored fans to watch the series (both seasons are available NOW on Netflix) and buy the Blu-Rays in order to show Netflix the existence of a still-vital, Young Justice fan base.

Later, voice actor Payton tweeted a call to arms, and then an additional bit of info that sounds particularly promising:

And then Weisman chimed in, answering a fan’s tweet and expressing his own hopes for the show’s return:


So, what’s all the hoopla about? Young Justice was basically a team comprised of young, DC superhero sidekicks and untrained up-and-comers placed under the watchful eye of J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter. The series ran on Cartoon Network from 2010-2013 and managed to spit out 46 very well received episodes. Beloved by fans, it hurt like hell when the series’ cancellation was announced. It hurt so much, in fact, that this devout fandom launched an online petition to save the series.

Folks, we live in a time where fans’ suggestions are getting their due. Just look at the forthcoming Flash/Supergirl episode and the actual existence of a rated-R Deadpool movie. When fans speak, the giant, faceless, and previously inconsiderate structures – who pushed out superhero films without consideration to character or comic canon – have finally learned that making successful films is dependent on accurately expressing the source material.

Oh, and you can celebrate the (crossing my fingers here) return of Young Justice by wrapping yourself in some nearly comparable Teen Titans merchandise!


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