New Poster for Jessica Jones Features Kilgrave

Kilgrave Poster for Jessica Jones

Mind control! I guess that makes things a bit more interesting when one can mentally dominate everyone around you…and that includes superheroes! Yeah! Have you ever seen what happens when Superman loses his mind? Exactly! The above is a brand spanking new poster from Marvel and Netflix for Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones starts next week so this is probably just another way for us all to hit a fever-pitch of excitement. If you aren’t familiar with the characters from the comics, Kilgrave, AKA The Purple Man, has the ability to speak and utterly dominate people. A simple phrase and Kilgrave can have you jumping off rooftops or becoming a vessel for unchecked hedonism. Sounds fun, right? Now we just need to figure out what happened to the 10th Doctor to send him down such a corrupt and evil round. Either way, Jessica Jones is shaping up to be a fantastic Marvel installment for Netflix and I’m sure we’ll all be binging in a week or so. There will be Netflix…but no chill!That’s for afterwards…maybe.

Purple Man
I wonder if we’ll see something like this?

Jessica Jones fires up on Netflix on the 20th and stars Krysten Ritter, Carrie-Anne Moss, Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor, and David Tennant (as Kilgrave).