Return to Gotham and Mr. Freeze with This Clip


Start getting excited like Rocko in The Boondock Saints because Gotham returns from its midseason break! What kind of excitement will we get to see tonight? Will Fish Mooney return as a Cyborg that has been programmed by the Reptilians who operate from the Moon and broadcast their psychological draining waves to Earth? Maybe. Stranger things have happened, right? Joking aside, the above clip runs just shy of 4 minutes long and was originally released to IGN as an exclusive. So fancy! Apparently, the above clip, part of the Gotham Stories, focuses on Mr. Freeze and bridges the gaps in the story with the power of motion comics. You may have caught bits and pieces of these during new The X-Files episodes. Pretty sweet!

Gotham returns tonight at 8pm, EST on that crazy channel known as FOX. According to IGN, “The storyline for Gotham Stories was outlined by Gotham Producer/Writer Rebecca Cutter and Senior Writer/Producer, FOX On-Air Promo Creative, Bart Montgomery, with a script by Tony Bedard and artwork by Matt Haley. The series is produced by VP, FOX On-Air Promo Creative, Julio Cabral. Gotham cast members Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin), Camren Bicondova (Cat), Nathan Darrow (Victor Fries), Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) and Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) all lend their voices to Gotham Stories.”