Robert Kirkman Disses George RR Martin

Robert Kirkman
Robert Kirkman doesn't like how George RR Martin handles things with HBO!

Oh, no! Sounds like them’s fighting words and between Robert Kirkman and George RR Martin, I think they could probably manage to kill the world! One author features a post-apocalyptic world filled with politics and undead while the other author features a fantasy world filled with politics and undead. Wait, what? Joking aside, Robert Kirkman has had some relatively choice words to say about HBO’s Angel of Death George RR Martin. Specifically, he doesn’t like how George RR Martin told the television show writers his intent for Game of Thrones!

“I would never do that. That’s the one thing I’m disappointed in George R.R. Martin for doing. He should have just been like, ‘F*** you. You make it up now, I’ll get to mine when I’m ready.’” Wow, disappointed? I think the fear there was that George RR Martin could die before finishing the series and then what? Us rabid Game of Thrones fans would probably lose our collective minds and reform Westeros in the real world. I’m thinking that Robert Kirkman is just enjoying his 20-year plan for The Walking Dead!

Kirkman then shifted gears and talked about the controversial ending to the last season of Walking Dead saying, “We knew that people might be upset, but come on! Everybody wants to see what happened. That’s what a cliffhanger is. I’ll probably get crucified for this, but I feel like there’s a culture of instant gratification now: Netflix, social media, everything is on demand at all times. Nothing is withheld. You can’t do 52 episodes a year. It’s just not feasibly possible. If you can do something that has people talking about your show in that gap between seasons, that’s great.” Fair enough…but I don’t think it is a true ‘cliffhanger’ though if we are going to be nitpicky. I don’t think he realizes that the majority of us fans aren’t mad at the way they set things up…just the fact that they pulled the punch when it came to showing us. Would it have been so bad to show us who died and then let us all speculate and talk about how that death is going to effect the characters instead of wondering who died and/or if we are going to continue watching it!