Star Trek Discovery Trailer from SDCC 2016


Space. It is vast and hosts tons of secrets and civilizations. Long has the Federation sought to bring enlightenment and peace to the universe as a whole. Unfortunately, the last Star Trek TV series ended back in 2005 and Trekkies have only had the JJ Abrams movies to keep them awash in glory. However, this past weekend saw a new beacon of hope. No, not somebody breaking the light barrier and making first contact with the Vulcans, but rather a new television series! Behold, Star Trek Discovery!

Star Trek Discovery
I wonder if the Red Shirts in Star Trek Discovery will have a short shelf life?

The above video is the official San Diego Comic-Con trailer for Star Trek Discovery. Bryan Fuller is one of the current scribes of Star Trek Discovery as well as Alex Kurztman. Fuller worked on Star Trek Deep Space Nine while Kurtzman has worked with JJ Abrams with the current Star Trek movies. As far as the continuity of Star Trek Discovery, it appears as if it will be placed in the ‘Prime’ universe. That means we would be seeing William Shatner instead of Chris Pine! Oh, I wonder if we’ll get a chance to see Picard? Either way, Star Trek Discovery will be making it to CBS’ streaming service, ‘CBS All Access’.

As per the video’s description, “Revealed at Comic-Con 2016 by Executive Producer Bryan Fuller. Get a sneak peek of the newest ship in the “Star Trek” universe. Star Trek: Discovery premieres January 2017 on the CBS Television Network with the premiere and all subsequent episodes available exclusively on CBS All Access.”