X-Men: The Danger Room Protocols Fan Series is Animated Homage!


Check out the Animated Fan Series, X-Men: The Danger Room Protocols! Watch the Trailer (Above)!

Were you a fan of the 1990s animated X-Men cartoon? The one with that rocking soundtrack featuring a flurry of electric guitar notes supported by thin, 1990s synth-string sound banks??? It was an integral, memorable bit of music that accompanied our favorite X-Men as they did their unique ‘X-thing’ amidst the appearance of their personal logos! Anyway, it was great and we all miss it, but some of us more than others. Case in point, Canadian animator Joel Furtado REALLY, REALLY missed this show, to a point where he absolutely had to pay homage to something that colored his childhood and artistic career so positively. What did Joel do to fill the ‘x-shaped’ void? Why, he went about creating his very own X-Men animated series entitled X-Men: The Danger Room Protocols! Check out the trailer above!

X-Men: The Danger Room Protocols is an 18-episode animated series debuting on January 18th, rendered in a retro, 1990’s animation/mildly pixellated, video game aesthetic. The gist of the series, further explained by Furtado in the video above, is to take classic X-Men characters and drop them into Danger Room scenarios where they’ll confront their most vile X-villains. YAY! Oh, and I should mention the series will be absolutely FREE to watch on Joel’s YouTube channel. DOUBLE-YAY!

Way to be, Joel!