Aquaman Director James Wan Isn’t Rushing Mortal Kombat Movie

Mortal Kombat movie

IT HAS BEGUN…well, sorta. I just wanted to introduce a story like that. One doesn’t get too many opportunities to quote the Mortal Kombat movie of the 1990s. Gotta take your chances when you get them, I say! Any-who, famous director James Wan is the next in line to direct a cinematic adaptation of Mortal Kombat. James Wan is known for his work on the Fast and Furious movies as well as the upcoming Aquaman film.

“It’s still cooking away. With that particular project, that’s a really cool property that I loved growing up as a kid. Besides the game, even the movies as well, I kind of enjoyed them for what they are,” said James Wan of the Mortal Kombat movie. At least on the bright side of things it sounds like he’s a fan of the movie. As long as we don’t have somebody yell ‘RELEASE YOUR ANIMALITY’ we should be alright. Or is that something we want in there? Guess the jury is out on that one still.

“The key here is to try and do it right,” James Wan added. “I don’t want to rush into it. So right now, we’re just trying to take our time to make sure it’s heading in the right direction. I think that’s more important than trying to rush through it and pump up something that no one likes.” After the lukewarm reception of Warcraft and most video game movies in general, to take one’s time and make sure it is ‘right’ is probably the most prudent of actions. As of right now, everybody is keeping an eye on the future’s Assassin’s Creed.

Then, explaining what he loved so much about Mortal Kombat, Wan said “I love the characters. I think they’re such colorful characters. It’s such an amazing take on, basically, Enter the Dragon. It’s that fantasy version, the video game version, of Enter the Dragon. And in doing so, they ended up creating such interesting characters and I think that is such a cool world to explore. This really mythical, bigger world that lives on another dimension on top of ours. I think that’s really fun to play with and so we’ll see.”