DOOM Multiplayer Trailer


I wonder if ‘IDDQD’ still works. Wait, how are we supposed to enter that with a console controller? Ah, we’ll probably go with the Konami Code. Okay, so nostalgia aside we now have a brand spanking new trailer for the multiplayer aspect of the immensely hyped Doom reboot. Is it a reboot or just a continuation? Either way, this Doom Multiplayer Trailer shows off what you can expect from the ‘crushing your friends and loved ones’ corner of the video game. With fast respawns, power-ups, and some good old fashioned shooting-from-the-hip, this Doom Multiplayer Trailer looks to make a dent into the world of multiplayer-shooters. Call of Duty and Halo watch out!

The new Doom hits May 14th and looks to return to the spiritual roots of the original game. I think that essentially translates into tons and tons of monsters coming at you, wave after wave without you missing a beat. No hiding behind things to let your shield charge – you have to fight your way through to find armor and/or health all the while being shot at from all angles. Ah, memories. Let’s hope this brand new Doom can capture that original flash in a pan that set the whole world of First Person Shooters into motion.