We Happy Few Launch Trailer for XBOX and PC


We Happy Few doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but if you have a Gold Membership for Xbox-1 or Early Access on Steam then you can enjoy this insane game! Mixing elements of Bioshock with chunks of 1984 and Brave New World, We Happy Few postulates a world where its inhabitants take a mood-altering substance that permeates all forms of life. Oh, and if you don’t take it, chances are you’ll probably be beaten to death. Hey, that’s how Dystopias work! Nobody would want to play a game in a true utopia, right?

The above video is the We Happy Few launch trailer and it shows off the highly stylized world. The world morphs between the drug-induced world and the crushing blunt edge of reality. You can really see how insane this world appears to be and it looks like it will be both scary and super fun…that is if you enjoy being creeped out! Chances are you do because you are watching the launch trailer for said video game.

The synopsis for We Happy Few (available on Xbox-1 and PC) goes something like this, “The game is set in the fictional island town of Wellington Wells in the year 1964. According to newspaper articles seen on the protagonist’s desk, in this alternate timeline the Soviet Union went to war against England during World War III, with an unknown outcome. Some time after, the population of Wellington Wells has been subjected to mandatory use of the drug “Joy”, which suppresses unhappy memories. Those who abstain from taking Joy are branded “Downers”, who are forbidden in Wellington Wells. If a Downer is caught, the citizens will force-feed him Joy to fit him back into society-assuming they do not beat the Downer to death, as Joy also suppresses the ability to recognize moral or long-term consequences.”