The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Lil Monster Women’s T-Shirt looks pretty gosh darn familiar. In fact, it looks VERY familiar. IN FACT, it looks EXACTLY like the t-shirt owned, worn and brutalized my one Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn! Yep, this is the very same t-shirt Harley Quinn wears during her filmic adventures in this August’s Suicide Squad film! It’s a baseball jersey-esque design with 3/4″ sleeves, a wide scoop-neck, and the red, cloudy coloring reminiscent of the always stylish tie-dye application. Look, you don’t have to take my word for it; just take a gander at the actual t-shirt immediately below this somewhat unnecessary, tolerance-wringing introduction!

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Lil Monster Women's T-Shirt
Daddy’s lil’ lemonade purveyor? No, that’s not it….. CLICK! PURCHASE!

Made from 100% cotton, the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Lil Monster Women’s T-Shirt will, more than likely – and absolutely not at the behest of your current mate-person – bring out your inner, bat-swinging sociopath with a predilection towards hyper-violence and impartial property damage. Yes, donning this very Harley Quinn t-shirt might lead to EXTREMELY dangerous behavior resulting in…

1. Cavorting with an unseemly criminal element.
2. A lifetime of recurring imprisonment.
3. The eventual recruitment into an agency willing and able to drop your sorry ass into lethal environments.

Yes, swinging a bat at squirrels, throwing your toaster oven at your mother and demanding your mate-person color their hair a hydroponic green (is that a form of green?) is indicative of wearing the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Lil Monster Women’s T-Shirt.

We ask that you refrain from purchasing if you recently chin-spiked a squirrel without the character-specific outerwear.

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