You Need To Try Out the Overwatch Free Weekend


Ever wonder what a highly stylized team-based shooter from Blizzard would look like? Well that answer should have been Overwatch but those of you on the fence or under a rock, you will soon get a chance! Next week, from September 9th to the 12th, Blizzard presents the Overwatch Free Weekend! Seriously, if you haven’t tried out this epic game yet you absolutely need to try out the Overwatch Free Weekend. There’s nothing to lose!

Overwatch was born from the ashes of a scrapped Blizzard project known only as Titan. After re-purposing some assets from the game and some creative ingenuity, Overwatch came to fruition. This great game bleeds style and currently has over 22 characters. The Overwatch Free Weekend will give players full access to the entire roster and any progress or items obtained will carry over if players decide to get the game. Unfortunately, Overwatch Free Weekend players are banned from competitive play but that’s for the better!

To get into the Overwatch Free Weekend for PS4 and Xbox, all you have to do is go to their respective app stores. From there, just type in ‘Overwatch’ and you should see an option for ‘Overwatch Free Weekend’. Playstation users do not need to have PS+ but Xbox users will need to have a GOLD membership. The download for Playstation is around 9 gigs while the Xbox version is around 15…nothing too scary or time consuming! Check out that above video for a clip of the story! You won’t be disappointed!