I am Setsuna First Impressions and Trailer


Yesterday saw the Western release of the Japanese game I am Setsuna. If you’ve never heard of I am Setsuna know that is from a combination of efforts from both Square-Enix and Tokyo Game Factory. Square-Enix is no stranger to the RPG game sphere having practically invented it back in the 1980s with the likes of Final Fantasy. That being said, I am Setsuna is an attempt to return to the glory days of 16-bit RPGs. Know somebody, or have you yoursefl played Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 (3 in the USA), or Secret of Mana/Evermore? Chances are that they will love this brand new game from Square!

I am Setsuna plays heavily into old school nostalgia. I’m not sure your average run of the mill gamer these days would understand it but for us veterans who grew up on Nintendo/Super Nintendo it is a must have. Long hailed as the spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger, I am Setsuna utilizes Active-Time Battle…or for the uninitiated, ‘menu-based combat’. Personally, I love and miss my 16-bit style Japanese RPGs and I am Setsuna is like a trip to an old playground that has received a serious face-lift.

The above video is the release trailer for Setsuna and you can clearly see the improvements made to the vintage system. The piano-based soundtrack is haunting. The graphics are crisp and sharp but still leave something to the imagination. I think one of the most interesting aspects is that you must read the dialogue. Sure, back in the day I always wanted to hear characters talk but I am Setsuna now lets me imagine again what the characters would sound like and to apply my own ideas to the characters.

If you are craving a trip down memory lane or pine for the long-lost days of Super Nintendo, then you need to pick up I am Setsuna. Available on both PC and PS4, Setsuna doesn’t hold your hands or give you non-stop tutorials. If anything, you have to pay attention and try things out on your own accord. Just keep playing with that adventurous spirit and you’ll love the ride I am Setsuna will take you on…even if the theme of the game is ‘sorrow’.