5 Alternate Comic Book Universes We’d Like to Visit!

5 Alternate Comic Book Universes We'd Like to Visit!
5 Alternate Comic Book Universes We'd Like to Visit!

The multiverse is a vast place, with infinite versions of the same place and the same people. Many strange and exciting things exist beyond the reality we know, a salient fact that a good number of comic book characters have become accustomed to. With all the different realities out there, there’s bound to be a few awesome places that’d make great vacations spots! So, get your interdimensional travel planners ready as we take a look at five alternate comic book universes we’d like to visit!

1. Earth-18!

5 Alternate Comic Book Universes We'd Like to Visit!

Got a hankering to see the old west, but with a twist? Then DC’s Earth-18 may be the place you’re looking for! On top of the whole cowboy vibe, Earth-18 throws in a bit of steampunk to make things exciting. And since it’s the DC Multiverse, naturally there are superheroes; this universe gives us a cowboy version of the Justice League knows as the Justice Riders! If you like westerns, steampunk, and superheroes all together, then Earth-18 is for you!

  1. The Marvel Mangaverse!


    5 Alternate Comic Book Universes We'd Like to Visit!

You know, sometimes it’s hard to be a comic book fan and an anime fan at the same time. If only there were a world that combined them….OH, WAIT! THERE IS! The Marvel Mangaverse is like the Marvel Universe spun violently through the Manga blender! This place is home to a ninja Spider-man, a mecha Iron Man, and a Kaiju Hulk! It’s as ridiculously awesome as it sounds! If you can get past the occasional giant monster attacks, then the Marvel Mangaverse is a great place to vacation!

  1. Larval Earth/Earth-C!

5 Alternate Comic Book Universes We'd Like to Visit!
They are equally insane!

I’m putting these together since they’re similar. If you can believe it, both Marvel and DC have parallel worlds with cartoon animals that are also superheroes! Larval Earth is home to wacky versions of the Marvel heroes we know, like the Spectacular Spider-Ham!

Meanwhile on Earth-C, there’s a different “breed” of superhero (Haha, get it?). Specifically, a super-rabbit by the name of Captain Carrot and his superhero friends The Zoo Crew! No matter which one you like more, there’s no denying that there’s a lot of silly adventures to be had in these two realities. So, it’d be kind of fun to visit a world of superheroes that functions on zany cartoon logic, and the good news is… you have 2 options! So, would you rather team up with the Zoo Crew, or swing through the skies with Spider-Ham? The choice is yours!

  1. The Batman Beyond Universe!


    5 Alternate Comic Book Universes We'd Like to Visit!
    The future is ALWAYS!

If you’re curious about the future of the DC Universe, the universe of Batman Beyond is right up your alley! This reality is full of amazing, futuristic architecture, cool technology, and of course the heroes of the new Justice League! Enjoy the familiar sights such as Metropolis and Neo Gotham (just watch out for the Joker gang)!

Lamenting the lack of familiar heroes?? Not to worry because Superman’s still kicking in this universe and age is just a number to him! With technology as amazing as their superheroes, this Earth is definitely worth the trip!

  1. Amalgam Universe!


    5 Alternate Comic Book Universes We'd Like to Visit!

Which do you like the best, Marvel or DC? For some it’s an easy choice, for others…not so much! If you’ve ever been in the middle of this argument, then we have the place for you!

The Amalgam Universe is what would happen if you took the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe and smashed them together! In result, characters we know from each reality are combined into one, such as Dark Claw (Batman and Wolverine), Super-Soldier (Superman and Captain America), and Iron Lantern (Iron Man and Green Lantern). It’s crazy, and half the fun is just seeing all the weird combinations there are (like Lobo the Duck)! Here you don’t have to choose because everything you loved about Marvel and DC is all rolled up into one!

What’s your favorite alternate comic book universe? Is there one I missed? Let me know below!