5 Deadpool Stories You Should Definitely Read


Deadpool has exploded onto the big screen with his own movie, and it’s as glorious as it is insane and hilarious. Whether the movie has made you into a recent fan or has fired up old fan muscles, you’re probably hungry for even more of the merc with a mouth, right?? Well lucky for you, I have 5 Deadpool stories I can recommend to scratch that itch. So grab your swords and chimichangas as we take a look at five story arcs/graphic novels where our favorite regenerating degenerate is as fun, violent, and Deadpooly as he can be.


  1. Deadpool: Suicide Kings

    Deadpool Suicide Kings!In this story, Deadpool has become public enemy number one after being framed during what looked like a very simple job. Now out for revenge and on the run from the Punisher, Deadpool must clear his name with a little help from friends in high places.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings is more of a self-contained storyline that doesn’t require too much knowledge on Deadpool’s history to enjoy it. It’s definitely a good example of Deadpool’s everyday life with some pretty good guest stars that bounce off Deadpool’s personality well in the form of the Punisher, Daredevil, and even Spider-Man. Suicide Kings is also a very good beginner story for anyone who wants to get into Deadpool comics, so if you want a good starting point with a lot of action and humor then this is the story for you.

  1. Deadpool Merc with a Mouth: Head Trip

    Deadpool Merc with a Mouth: Head TripDeadpool’s life as a whole is crazy, but things get even crazier when he’s sent to the prehistoric Savage Land. He has to retrieve something for the criminal organization A.I.M, only to find that his target is actually a beheaded zombie version of himself. From there, things get even wilder when Deadpool has to take the zombie head back to where it came from before A.I.M messes with what they don’t understand.

These thirteen issues take Deadpool’s normal menu of mercenary adventures and add ten more flavors of insanity to the mix. We also get to see some pretty interesting locations where Deadpool travels through dimensions, and we see how he interacts with these different worlds…which is so enjoyable. All that just makes this story a fun ride. With dinosaurs, alternate universes, and a whole lot of zombies to fight, Deadpool Merc with a Mouth: Head Trip is a must-read for anyone craving that Deadpool brand of excitement.


  1. Deadpool (2012) Dead Presidents

    Deadpool Dead Presidents

So what’s cooler than Deadpool fighting off a horde of zombies? Fighting off a horde of zombie presidents, of course! After a botched necromancy spell, all the dead U.S. Presidents come back from the grave and they are not happy. Now with America in trouble, S.H.I.E.L.D. will call upon only one hero to stop them…and then realize they need someone more expendable so they get Deadpool.

Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan’s run on Deadpool, available in trade paperback collecting the first 6 issues, starts off with a bang; a premise so insane that it perfectly matches Deadpool himself. Deadpool’s creative style of executing each of these zombies is both exciting and really funny, which is exactly what you want to see in a Deadpool comic. I also want to mention this was the start of a more dramatic and sympathetic chapter in Deadpool’s journey, and seeing how the story progressed from crazy to serious was pretty interesting in itself. Packed to the brim with insane zombie kills and humor, Dead Presidents is a great start to a great run in Deadpool history.


  1. Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet

    Deadpool: Dracula’s GauntletHow can you top Deadpool fighting zombie presidents? By having Deadpool go up against a whole lot of monsters and even Count Dracula himself.  In the Dracula’s Gauntlet miniseries, Deadpool is hired by the king of the vampires to bring him Shiklah, the queen of the undead, so he can make her his bride. Deadpool accepts, but as he begins to learn more about Shiklah a romance begins to form between them. This, of course, makes Dracula very angry and makes him send just about everything he has at the two. With all out monster war raining down upon the world, Deadpool has never been luckier to have a healing factor than right now.

While the miniseries delivers on big action and laughs like any Deadpool story should, its heart lies in the romance between Deadpool and Shiklah. Their chemistry is surprisingly very entertaining and as a couple their personalities complement each other. It’s nice to see Deadpool finally get a real chance at love and that their relationship still exists after the story is done. Having good romance, hilarious dialogue, and monster-sized action, Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet is the kind of book best read on Halloween or Valentine’s Day.

  1. Deadpool Kills Deadpool

    Deadpool Kills DeadpoolDeadpool has fought a lot of interesting enemies, hasn’t he? From mutants, to zombies, to vampires, there’s almost nothing Deadpool hasn’t already taken on…except maybe about a million other Deadpools!  In this third chapter of the Deadpool Killogy, the Deadpool we know and love is being hunted by alternate universe Deadpools who are armed with weapons that can negate healing factors. With a little help from his friends at the Deadpool Corps, Deadpool dives head-first into battle with an army of evil Deadpools and comes face to face with the worst one of them all, Dreadpool! As the two clash swords, Deadpool will discover that he might just be more important to the Marvel Universe than he thought.

Even though Deadpool Kills Deadpool is the third title in a trilogy of stories, it feels very accessible to those who haven’t read Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe or Deadpool Killustrated. While those two books are interesting, I felt they were just a little too cringe worthy to get through and missing that special Deadpool charm. I feel Deadpool Kills Deadpool is the best out of the three because it features the most insane idea for Deadpool yet: an all-out brawl between every version of Deadpool ever. The mayhem of Dreadpool finally comes to an end, but not before we see every kind of Deadpool you could imagine. Just seeing all the crazy doppelgangers is worth reading this title alone. If you haven’t read it already, then you should read it now. Deadpool Kills Deadpool is a Deadpool overload you don’t want to miss out on.

And here’s a Deadpool merchandise overload, so we can effectively overload the overload.