Zack Snyder Tweets a Revealing Justice League Photo!

Zack Snyder Shares Justice League Photo!

With filming nearly underway for the the very first Justice League movie, Batman V Superman/Justice League Part One director Zack Snyder, buddying up with Aquaman actor, Jason Mamoa, tweeted a very revealing, pre-production image regarding some pretty informative Justice League goings-on. When Zack Snyder tweets a revealing Justice League photo, we here at The Source grab onto it like a rabid, steel-jawed pitbull and then IMMEDIATELY share it with the world. Check it out!

Yes, it’s a great shot of Zack Snyder and a very enthusiastic Jason Momoa, but what’s really important here is the workshop environment littered with informative Justice League tidbits. Take a look around; anything look….familiar? At first glance, there’s the Flash movie costume. Leaning against it appears to be some concept art related to Mera, Aquaman’s incredibly helpful comic book companion. We know Amber Heard was cast last year to appear in Justice League Part One and the forthcoming Aquaman film, so it’s nice to see this particular bit of illustrated confirmation.

In front of the Mera concept art we have Aquaman’s costume. In front of that….I have no idea. Unless there’s color waiting to be applied – since this is, in fact, a workshop – I’m not sure which character (or characters) may don this particular, colorless outfit. Any thoughts?

Now, take another look around and see if you spot anything I’m currently overlooking. See anything that might reveal some major plot points for the forthcoming Justice League movie? Let us know below!

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