Five of the Weirdest, Most Bizarre Aliens from Comics and Sci-fi!

Five of the Weirdest, Most Bizarre Aliens from Comics and Sci-fi!

Space — its one big melting pot of the unexpected. Over the years, we’ve seen our favorite characters explore galaxies and meet strange and wondrous new beings (with an emphasis on “strange” because, more often than not, space is an ever-expanding canvas of infinite strangeness). Coming in all shapes and sizes, some of these beings make you wonder about the kinds of planets that could generate such strange creatures. Anyway, let’s look at the bizarre side of the final frontier, with five of the weirdest, most bizarre aliens in comics and sci-fi!

  1. The Adipose (Doctor Who)


    Five of the Weirdest, Most Bizarre Aliens from Comics and Sci-fi!
    Yes, it’s very cute, but it’s…fat.

Starting things off are probably the cutest little creatures on this list. The Adipose are marshmallow-shaped people who are actually made of fat. Sounds innocent enough, but the fat actually comes from other beings, which sprouts right out of their bodies and becomes a baby Adipose! In some cases, the process can even kill those involved. True, the little Adipose aren’t exactly malicious, but to be honest, they’re as freaky as they are cute.

  1. The Elcor (Mass Effect)


    Five of the Weirdest, Most Bizarre Aliens from Comics and Sci-fi!
    He’s watching his step…

The universe of Mass Effect is home to many interesting species of aliens. The Elcor, however, have to be the weirdest of them all and that’s saying something. They’re a very large species who live on a planet with high gravity. Due to this, they move very slowly and a fall can be deadly to them. The weirdest part , however, is their limited way of expressing emotion. Every Elcor speaks in a monotone voice and has very few facial expressions, which makes it hard to tell what the Elcor are feeling. Even though they’re a peaceful race, they always seem gloomy and are pretty much the “Eeyores” of the universe.

  1. The Vogons (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)


    Five of the Weirdest, Most Bizarre Aliens from Comics and Sci-fi!
    They’re …uh…debating.

Weird alien species and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are practically made for each other. One of the more unique alien species featured in this classic series of novels had to be the ill-tempered Vogons. At first, the Vogons seem like your typical alien race that destroy planets, but there’s a catch: the Vogons are a society of aggressive bureaucrats!

Doesn’t sound so bad, but remember, this was the alien race that ended up destroying the Earth. They’re also very ugly and known to be very bad poets, having the “third worst poetry in the universe”! The Vogons aren’t exactly evil, but they’re certainly very mean. But to be fair, they’re so good at what they do, they’re actually the bureaucrats for the Galactic Government. I guess the lesson here is no matter where you go, you can’t outrun bureaucracy.

  1. The Kraang (TMNT)


    Five of the Weirdest, Most Bizarre Aliens from Comics and Sci-fi!
    A language of redundancies!

If you watched the original Ninja Turtles show, then you’re already familiar with the bumbling Krang! What you may not have known is that Krang comes from a group of aliens called the Kraang! The Kraang are a subspecies of the brain-like Utrom, who were brainwashed into joining a hive mind. Being more hostile than the Utrom, the Kraang use robotic bodies to disguise themselves as they try to invade other worlds.

Their pink, squishy appearance is strange enough, but what really sends it over the top is their way of speaking. Being part of a collective, every Kraang refers to itself as “Kraang”, but that’s not even the worst of it; the Kraang don’t really bother mastering other languages, so most of their sentences leave out nouns and just sound redundant. Man, starting to miss the silly, original Krang. At least you could tell what he was saying!!

  1. Dkrtzy Rrr (DC Comics)

    Five of the Weirdest, Most Bizarre Aliens from Comics and Sci-fi!
    It’s official: MATH KILLS!

The Green Lantern Corps is full of so many bizarre aliens, we’ don’t have the (virtual) space to list them all here. Question is, with the many races that make up the universe-sized police force, which one is stranger than all of them? Wel,l meet Dkrtzy Rrr (good luck trying to pronounce that), a Green Lantern that is a living math equation!! Dkrtzy was discovered by a mad scientist who wanted to prove that will power could be used as a formula!

How Dkrtzy even uses a Green Lantern ring is beyond me, since, you know…it’s a math equation!! Apparently, it can also invade the brain of its enemies to erase their minds. I’d warn you to stay alert if you’re on its bad side, but that’s impossible since Dkrtzy is invisible to everyone except the Guardians of the Universe. Bizarrely powerful and just bizarre in general, Dkrtzy is proof that math really can hurt!!

Any more bizarre alien species we should add to the list? Let’s hear them in the comments section below!