Aquaman #1 Review: The Adventures of Mera (and Aquaman)!

Aquaman #1 Review: The Adventures of Mera (and Aquaman)!

Check out our Review [WITH SPOILERS] for Aquaman #1

Writer: Dan Abnett
Penciller: Brad Walker
Inker: Andrew Hennessey
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb

There are certain immutable facts in comics. One of these is that Black Manta is a badass. Remember that awesome, terrifying voice Black Manta had on the otherwise saccharine Super Friends? That voice proves my point, because even in a world that that had Gleek the Space Monkey, Black Manta still stood out as a badass. Crap, man, the Legion of Doom operated out of a replica of Black Manta’s head! It just doesn’t get more badass!

Dan Abnett continues that tradition of badassery in Aquaman #1, a briskly paced, satisfying adventure that further fleshes out Aquaman and his world for the Rebirth era. First off, this book really should be called Aquaman and Mera because the Queen of Atlantis is just as prominent as her iconic husband. For real, she sees more action that the King of the Seven seas and what action it is!

In this debut issue, Aquaman and Mera invite some surface dwellers to meet with and visit the new Atlantean embassy.

In the midst of this visit, a vengeful Black Manta attacks and we are off. The most impressive part of this first issue is just how deeply Abnett makes the readers care about the side characters. In this issue, we meet an Atlantean guard, a reporter, and a few other visitors and they all arrive on the page fully realized. So when Black Manta strikes, the readers instantly feel the tension. One knows full well that Aquaman and Mera aren’t going to die, but these new additions can go at any moment, and somehow, Abnett makes the reader care about each of them in a matter of a few panels.

Gabe Eltaeb’s colors pops as everything is bright and eye catching. This is not a comic that is afraid to be bright, which all just contrasts the ever-present shadow of Black Manta. Brad Walker keeps the action moving in a comic with a big screen feel.

It’s so good to be enjoying Aquaman again as the Rebirth goodness continues, even deep under the ocean.