Justice League Fan-Art: Superman Resurrected!

Justice League Fan-Art: Superman Resurrected!

Superman, much like his comic book counterpart, sacrificed himself to stop a rampaging Doomsday in Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeOf course, before the credits even began rolling, we knew Supes was destined to return….very much like his comic book counterpart. I mean, did you NOT see the levitating soil?? Regardless, he fell and he’s returning, perhaps around the half-way mark in 2017’s Justice League film. However, the details of his resurrection, and his particular resurrection-aesthetic, are currently unknown; Henry Cavill’s concept art was missing from DC/WB’s on-set Justice League press-deluge. Well, worry not, ‘he/she who is very curious about the appearance of post-resurrection Superman’; this Justice League fan-art from fan-art extraordinaire, BossLogic, has you covered.

What’s with the Hair??

Remember, Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder indicated that Superman would return sporting longer hair and perhaps even a beard, mimicking his specific appearance during the classic Superman story, “Reign of the Supermen.” This multi-issue comic arc ran through Superman, Action Comics, Superman: Man of Steel and Adventures of Superman, introducing a few Superman-themed upstarts trying hard to fill the Superman-sized void, invariably leading to, yes, a mullet-bearing Superman in a black, cape-free singlet.

Justice League Fan-Art: Superman Resurrected!

It appears BossLogic took a cue from the classic Superman comic story and granted Henry Cavill’s already sullen Man of Steel a black costume, longer hair (that, thankfully, isn’t comparable to a mullet), and a stiff, bristly beard. A super-beard, if you want to split hairs (HAH!).

What do you think? While it’s purely speculative, I have a feeling this might be eerily similar to Superman’s post-death appearance in 2017’s Justice League. Or not.