Check out What’s Arriving From DC Comics on 1/27


Curious about the new DC Comics landing in comic book stores this Wednesday? Curious and a little uninformed? Don’t worry, we can help. How? By providing you with the full list of DC Comics hitting comic book stores this Wednesday, 1/27! You’re more than welcome!


Writer: Jiro Kuwata                   
Artist: Jiro Kuwata
Cover Artist: Jiro Kuwata
Release Date
: 1/27

Jiro Kuwata’s classic take on the Caped Crusader continues! In this final BATMANGA volume, Batman and Robin take on villains including Planet King—a criminal with seemingly infinite powers, plus the Robot Robbers, Clayface, Catman and more!




Writer: Ed Brubaker                            Artist: Stefano Gaudiano, Karl Story, Scott McDaniel
Cover Artist: Scott McDaniel
Release Date: 1/27

Ed Brubaker’s legendary run on Batman is collected, starting with stories from BATMAN #582-586, 591-594 and BATMAN: OUR WORLDS AT WAR #1, in which the Dark Knight faces The Penguin, Deadshot and more!





Writer: Steve Orlando, Scott Snyder, James T. Tynion IV
Artist: Tony Kordos, Paul Pelletier
Cover Artist: Tony Kordos, Paul Pelletier
Release Date: 1/27

Grayson, Red Hood, Red Robin and Harper Row have uncovered the full scope of Mother’s dangerous operation, and they’re ready to spring their trap! But there’s one problem: Cassandra Cain has gone rogue, and they may not be able to pull her back from the edge! There’s no time to lose, either, because for every mystery they solve about Mother, there are more waiting to be discovered, including Mother’s next target, a place that couldn’t be more personal to Dick Grayson!



Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: John Dell, Vicente Cifuentes
Cover Artist: Rob Hunter, Brett Booth
Release Date: 1/27

The massive conclusion to Arthur Curry’s exile from Atlantis is here! Can Mera escape from her treacherous sister, Siren? Will the other-dimensional refugees of Thule be rescued?






Writer: Lee Bermejo
Artist: Jorge Corona
Cover Artist: Lee Bermejo
Release Date: 1/27

The Robin War is over. From the rubble a new force rises, one that is attacking Duke and his Robins one by one. This new movement laughs at hope and justice. They believe in anger. They believe in fear. They believe in chaos. They are…JOKERS.




Writer: Tom King
Artist: Barnaby Bagenda
Cover Artist: Trevor Hutchinson
Release Date: 1/27

The Omega Men are back as their space-spanning series continues! The team’s mysterious plan for Kyle Rayner reaches its shocking endgame when the outlaws bypass the energy shield surrounding the off-limits world of Voorl! In doing so, will they discover the true cost of life in Vega?





Writer: Will Pfeifer, Scott Lobdell
Artist: Alison Borges
Cover Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Release Date: 1/27

While the Teen Titans try to deal with the aftermath of the Robin War, they search for a new direction. Can Red Robin hold the team together?






Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Various, Javier Pina, Jesus Saiz
Cover Artist: Jesus Saiz
Release Date: 1/27

In these stories from issues #35-40, ANNUAL #3 and SWAMP THING: FUTURES END #1, Swamp Thing is about to meet the avatar of a whole new Kingdom whose impact on the lives of all runs deep: the Machine! But Alec Holland has a humanity the Machine Kingdom lacks, and that gives him an edge! Still, no man—not even a plant elemental—is an island, and Swampy must seek out his true love, Abigail Arcane.



Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Lee Weeks
Cover Artist: Lee Weeks
Release Date: 1/27

The mysteries surrounding Lois and Clark are just starting to unfold! In this issue find out what happened to the man who would have been the Cyborg Superman! Learn what else is hidden in this Superman’s Fortress! And discover why Lois gave Clark his new, black uniform!





Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artist: Howard Porter
Cover Artist: Howard Porter
Release Date: 1/27

“The Savage Dawn” continues! Time is running out, and Superman must make a fateful choice! Can he risk exposing himself to the one thing that could save him: Kryptonite?






Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Greg Rucka, Joe Kelly, Jeph Loeb
Artist: Amanda Conner, Ed Benes, Norm Rapmund, Ian Churchill, Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover Artist: Michael Turner
Release Date: 1/20

In these stories from SUPERGIRL #0-10 and 12, Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin from Krypton, adjusts to her life on Earth, crossing paths (and trading blows) with the JSA, the Teen Titans and the Outsiders along the way. But while she’s facing off against other heroes, her cousin’s nemesis Lex Luthor has uncovered a truth that could change the Girl of Steel forever!



Writer: Mike Barr, Brian Buccellato
Artist: Diogenes Neves, Richard Friend, Viktor Bogdanovic
Cover Artist: Cary Nord
Release Date: 1/27

Two of the stars of next year’s highly anticipated action movie break out in their own solo adventures in this extra-sized, 6-issue miniseries! First, in a story by Brian Buccellato, Viktor Bogdanovic and Richard Friend, Deadshot is on the run, taking on a series of new contracts, and re-establishing himself as the world’s most deadly marksman. But things are about to get complicated for Floyd Lawton when a figure from his past threatens to expose a dark secret…and Deadshot gets word of his next target: Lex Luthor! Then, writer Mike W. Barr returns to the character he co-created in “Katana, Cult of the Kobra,” with art by Diogenes Neves. Katana needs to know more about Soultaker’s origin if she’s going to have any hope of controlling the sword instead of falling under its influence. Dr. Helga Jace, a Markovian astrophysicist, may be able to shed some light—but before Katana can get the info, Kobra’s forces attack!



Writer: Sholly Fisch
Artist: Dario Brizuela
Cover Artist: Dario Brizuela
Release Date: 1/27

The surface world is threatened by an ancient menace from beneath the sea! This looks like a job for Scuba-Doo! Aquaman, Scooby and the gang will have to descend to the depths to unravel the mystery on the ocean floor. But are the supernatural creatures real, or is it just a scheme to conquer the undersea kingdom of Atlantis?




Writer: Bryan Hitch
Artist: Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques
Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch
Release Date: 1/27

The devastating climax of last issue has the League scrambling for revenge! Only problem is, they’ll need to get through millions of super-powered Kryptonians to get it! This issue features open-to-order variant covers by Joe Madureira that will be shipped in opaque polybags.





Writer: J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen
Artist: Scott Kolins
Cover Artist: Scott Kolins
Release Date: 1/27

As Lady Styx’s legion reigns over the Commonwealth, an all-new Justice League rises from the ashes of the old. But can they topple a tyrant who’s embraced by the very people she’s conquered?



Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Pop Mhan
Cover Artist: Szymon Kudranski
Release Date: 1/27

This is it! The penultimate issue of the Eternity War—and “Masters of the Universe” will never be the same! As Eternia crumbles, it’s Master vs. Master, He-Man vs. Skeletor—with all new powers at their command—fighting for control over Castle Grayskull and ultimate power! In the end, winner takes all! Who will become…the Master of the Universe??




Writer: Tom King, Tim Seeley
Artist: Mikel Janin
Cover Artist: Mikel Janin
Release Date: 1/27

Armed with new information concerning Spyral’s connections, Dick must seek Tiger’s help to take Spyral down from within. But when Dick’s, his days as a double-agent may soon end in death!






Writer: James Bonny
Artist: Tyler Kirkham
Cover Artist: Tyler Kirkham
Release Date: 1/27

Slade Wilson would move heaven and Earth to get his daughter back—and not even LexCorp will stand in his way! But after barely surviving a tussle with the Suicide Squad, how can a battle-ravaged Deathstroke take on Lex Luthor’s forces?





Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Claude St. Aubin
Cover Artist: Szymon Kudranski
Release Date: 1/27

Following the attack of the Techno-sapiens, Cyborg must come to terms with the nanotech that makes him what he is! But in the Justice League’s Red Room, Vic discovers a “Ghost Machine”— a computer program that’s strangely familiar to him…





Writer: Brenden Fletcher
Artist: Annie Wu
Cover Artist: Annie Wu
Release Date: 1/27

It’s the deafening finale of the band’s debut tour! Dinah will have to scream louder than she ever has before…so loud that the walls of reality will crumble! It’s gonna get crazy, folks.