DC Comics Signs Three More Creators to Exclusive Deals

DC Signs 3 More Exclusive Deals

Hot on the heels of signing Tom King, Clay Mann, and John Timms to exclusive contracts, DC Comics signs three more creators to exclusive deals. The latest batch of creators now legally bound to create comic book content solely for DC and its Vertigo imprint includes Steve Orlando, Evan “Doc” Shaner, and Jesus Merino.

Who’s Steve Orlando? Steve Orlando is currently writing the sh*t out of Midnighter. He’s also responsible for Justice League Darkseid War: Shazam, and scripting Batman Eternal. He’s brilliant, and locking him down is a very wise decision.

Who’s Evan “Doc” Shaner? Why, he’ll be the artist on Future Quest with writer Jeff Parker. And Shaner’s no newbie; he provided art for quite a few DC books including Adventures of Superman, Convergence: Shazam, and Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern.

Who’s Jesus Merino? Falling into the “non-newbie” camp, the Spanish artist has been providing amazing art to DC for 15 years on a number of titles including (but certainly not limited to) Superman, Justice League: Darkseid War: The Flash, The New 52 Future’s End, and The Flash.

Looks like DC is shoring up its talent pool in an effort to stay relevant and less crappy. DC, WE APPLAUD YOU! Now, if only you were smart enough to offer Warren Ellis a contract.