Five Spider-Man Stories You Must Read Before You Die!

Five Spider-Man Stories You Must Read Before You Die!

The Amazing Spider-Man is Marvel’s flagship character. With Spidey swinging his way into theaters with Spider-man: Homecoming, I say it’s time we take a look back at some of his finest stories.

Sure, the wall-crawler had some bad days, but he also had a lot of good ones. Compelling, thrilling, and emotional, these stories are what made Spider-Man so amazing, spectacular, and even sensational. So, grab your trusty web shooters as we look at five Spider-Man stories you should definitely check out before shuffling off this mortal coil.

  1. Spider-Man: Big Time

    Five Spider-Man Stories You Should Read Before You Die!

Most days it feels like Spider-Man is cursed with bad luck as he struggles with his social life, dodges a “menace” moniker, and lives on pocket lint. Well, the Parker luck finally changes for once during the Big Time story arc.

In it, we see everything come together for Peter, as both a superhero and a scientist. Sometimes, I think people forget that Peter Parker is a science nerd. Yeah, Spidey’s a master of quips and pretty handy with a camera, but there’s a brain behind that mask!

Throughout the story, we see Peter come up with new gadgets, face enemies new and old, and even question the ethics of killing villains to protect innocents. It was truly the breath of fresh air that Spider-Man needed!

  1. Amazing Fantasy #15

    Five Spider-Man Stories You Should Read Before You Die!
    The one where it all began! A brilliant student; a fateful radioactive spider bite; and a choice that changed his life forever!

As far as origins go, it’s amazing how well this one stood the test of time. Spider-Man’s origin has barely changed over the years, giving this story a timeless feeling.

Despite being made so long ago, this story is still a classic, a story about power and responsibility that kick-started one of Marvel’s greatest characters! 

  1. Death of Spider-Man, Ultimate Comics: Fallout, and Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Vol. 2 #1-5

    Five Spider-Man Stories You Should Read Before You Die!

Okay, I’ll admit I’m sort of cheating with this one. Technically, these are three different comics, but the way I see it, combining them makes one big story.

In these issues, we watch the death Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe and the impact it has on his family, allies, and the common citizen. You can just feel the weight of his death affecting everyone and the emptiness he left behind.

From the ashes of this tragedy came hope in the form of a new Spider-Man. In fact, this was where the now fan-favorite Miles Morales first appeared.

Through Miles we saw a familiar origin story play out, a unique story showing how he was equally affected by Peter’s sacrifice. Sure, it’s a bit of a hefty read, but one that deserves to be read in its entirety. 

  1. Kraven’s Last Hunt

    Five Spider-Man Stories You Should Read Before You Die!

Kraven finally defeated Spider-Man! So, now what??

Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of the most memorable Spider-Man stories of all time featuring beautifully poetic writing, a grim atmosphere, and cover art that became iconic.

The story’s a brilliant insight into Spider-Man as we know him versus Spider-Man as Kraven sees him! It’s a truly profound story that people are still talking about to this very day. If I told you anything more, I’d be spoiling it. It’s really one you have to read for yourself!

  1. The Night Gwen Stacey Died

    Five Spider-Man Stories You Should Read Before You Die!

Anyone who knows Spider-Man’s history knows why this one is so famous. It wasn’t just a big moment for Spider-Man and Marvel, but it was also the moment that changed comics forever. Before this, it was practically law for the hero to always save the damsel in distress. Not only did this story go against that, it opened the door for the medium to be taken more seriously!

Ever since then, this storyline has become an essential part of Spider-Man’s character. Gwen’s death served as both a reminder of his failures and why he must always strive to be better.

There have been a few stories that tried to follow up on it, but you can’t beat the original! No other moment in Peter’s life has ever stuck with him quite like this one; it’s a tragic moment in Spider-Man’s life that made one of the biggest narrative impacts in comic book history.

Anything I missed? Which Spider-Man stories do YOU consider “the best?” Let me know in the comments below!