Gwen Stacy Takes Over Marvel Comics

Spider-Gwen Cover

Sure, Gwen Stacy might have been shuffled loose from this mortal coil decades ago by a combination of the Green Goblin and Spider-Man but that’s no reason she can’t come┬áback later! In one universe, Gwen Stacy was the one to inherit the mantle of the Spider and in that world, Peter Parker loses his marbles and becomes the Lizard in attempts to keep up with the awesome power of Gwen Stacy! I guess that’s one way to impress the ladies, hmm?

Apparently, taking over one universe isn’t enough for Gwen…she has now invaded tons of comic covers from Marvel! I guess she’s the reason for that whole ‘Spider-Verse’ thing, eh? Below, you can see a collection of some of our favorite Gwen Stacy variant covers; we have her taking on the likes of Deadpool, Wolverine, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Groot, Venom, and She-Hulk! Pretty sweet, eh? Now the only real question is, when do we get a Spider-Gwen movie? Would you want to see a Gwen-Stacy movie if they did make one? What are your current thoughts on her growing popularity? Will she be around to stay or is this just a flash in the pan?