Howard the Duck #5 Review

Howard the Duck #5 Detail
Howard the Duck #5 Cover Detail

Howard the Duck #5 Cover Art

As any fan of Quack-Fu knows, it all comes down to this: the past 4 issues of Howard the Duck have all led up to this climactic series-ending brawl. We last left Howard and friends as Talos the Untamed assumed control of the Abundant Glove. What is the Abundant Glove, you ask? I’ll leave this one to Doctor Strange:

Doctor Strange explains The Abundant Glove
Doctor Strange elaborates on The Abundant Glove in issue #4.

Now Howard must devise a plan to somehow stop this mad Skrull from destroying the world with the power of Togetherness, among other such gems. I can’t make this stuff up, people. But that is one of the many great things about this series. In a comic landscape full of world-shattering events and serious implications, Howard the Duck is a great break of silliness, wit, and outside-the-box humor that never takes itself too seriously. I feel like Howard is often the voice of the reader as he watches some of these events unfold, often poking fun at things a fan might poke fun at, or pointing out how ridiculous something might be in the story.

The fight against Togetherness
After mistakenly calling him Falcon, Howard corrects himself.

Howard the Duck #5 does a great job of finishing up a story arc while we wait for the post-Secret Wars relaunch to come our way. It has a great mix of action and fun and the novelty of seeing some of my favorite heroes acting in a world Howard has grown accustomed to has not worn off. Leaving you with a tease of what awaits in the fall, I know one fan of The Duck who can’t wait to keep reading. What are your thoughts? Any other Howard the Duck fans out there? What do you want to see next? Let us know below!