Keith’s Recommended Reading: ‘Justice League’ Edition

Keith's Recommended Reading: 'Justice League' Edition

With Justice League soon upon us, you might want to read some stories before heading to theaters. Well, guess what, super friends? You are reading the right article. Allow me to head into my own Hall of Justice and give you some recommended reading before seeing DC’s greatest heroes unite on the big screen!

Justice League: Origin

Keith's Recommended Reading: 'Justice League' Edition

Written by Geoff Johns (Green Lantern) and drawn masterfully by Jim Lee (Batman), this is the story that kicked off the New 52 era of DC!

Johns and Lee showed how the most powerful force for good united to fight Darkseid. From everything we’ve seen in the trailers, it looks like the upcoming movie will be loosely based on this story. Johns’ top-notch writing and Lee’s magnificent artwork helped Justice League become DC’s flagship title during the New 52 years.

I could honestly recommend any Justice League story by Johns. If you want to know where the movie is coming from, pick this up!

JLA: Tower of Babel

Keith's Recommended Reading: 'Justice League' Edition

In the mid to late ’90s, DC’s top-selling book was JLA thanks to writers Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) and Grant Morrison. One of the key storylines from that era is Waid’s Tower of Babel. In this classic story illustrated by Howard Porter, Batman secretly keeps a protocol on his computer in case he ever needs to take down his fellow JLA members.

However, it falls into the hands of Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins — he uses it on the JLA and chaos ensues. The story is the basis for the straight to DVD animated movie Justice League: Doom.

Justice League of America Archives Volume 3


Keith's Recommended Reading: 'Justice League' Edition

Going back to the early days of the Justice League, this particular volume features one of the all-time classic Silver Age stories. Here, the Justice League of America use the Crystal Ball of Merlin and team up with the Justice Society of America, the original Golden Age superhero team on Earth-2.

This particular story from Justice League of America #21 and 22 sets the stage for annual meetings between the JLA and the JSA, something that excited fans every year.

More importantly, this story — along with The Flash #123 (wherein Barry Allen meets Jay Garrick) — helps establish the Multiverse in the DC Universe. This is a must-buy for all comic book fans.

JLA: Syndicate Rules

Keith's Recommended Reading: 'Justice League' Edition

Near the end of JLA‘s run in the mid ’00s, Kurt Busiek (The Avengers) wrote a great story featuring the JLA’s longtime foes, The Crime Syndicate! These issues helped pass the time on a road trip back in 2005 on to Baltimore, MD, to watch the Red Sox play against the Orioles. This story brings back great memories.

Side note: Camden Yards is a magnificent baseball stadium, by the way. You are all so lucky to have it, Orioles fans.

DC Classics Library: Justice League of America by George Perez Volumes 1 And 2

Keith's Recommended Reading: 'Justice League' Edition

Legendary nice guy, artist and writer George Perez’s short stint on the title is memorable. After long-time JLA artist Dick Dillin unfortunately died, Perez (New Teen Titans) drew remarkable stories by Gerry Conway (The Amazing Spider-Man). In both volumes, you’ll get stories featuring Darkseid.

If you want to see excellent artwork and a master at his craft, pick this up!

Justice League: Darkseid War Part 1 and 2

Keith's Recommended Reading: 'Justice League' Edition

Remember earlier how I said I’d recommend every Justice League story by Johns if I could? Well, I am. Darkseid War is Johns’ final story arc for the Justice League.

Darkseid wants to rule Earth once and for all. However, another cosmic being, the Anti-Monitor, will stand in his way and cause catastrophic destruction in the process. Only the Justice League can stop both entities from destroying Earth. It is an excellent read and a great finale to John’s run on the title.

All these trades are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local comic shop!

Have any favorite Justice League stories I didn’t mention or recommend yourself? Hit me up in the comment section and let me know!