Marvel Wants You to Vote Loki in 2016!


Hurry! Marvel wants you to vote Loki in 2016 RIGHT NOW! Time is RUNNING OUT, so go RIGHT HERE to cast your vote:

Now, what’s this all about? It’s an all new Marvel event/series trying very hard to get an incredibly…uh…”persuasive” – albeit fictional – candidate added to the presidential ballot!

Check out the multiple covers for this very intriguing, very timely Marvel Special Event!

Vote Loki in 2016!
Would this face lie? Hmm, well it might attract alien armadas to terraform Earth, but it will always be honest about acts of global genocide. Yup
Vote Loki in 2016!
Good grief! Does he have the support of Marvel Heroes? Well, maybe he wants to abolish property tax. I can get behind that.

So, Loki is running for President. This is all well and good, but what political party does he represent? The RepubLIEcans? The DEMONcrats? Or, maybe’s he’s an inDIEpendent candidate extolling the virtues of green, reusable energy drawn from the depths of Hel, but only accessible after the sacrifice of several hundred children. Hmmmm. Not sure I can get behind this, although we may be dealing with a rather severe energy crisis in the very near future if the peak oil theory is to be believed. So…how many children?

Before you check off that ballot and condemn your neighbor’s children to death, show your Loki support with our Loki Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt. Yup.