Sinestro Corps War Review: Best of the Green Lantern Corps

Sinestro Corps War Review: Best of the Green Lantern Corps
Sinestro Corps War Review: Best of the Green Lantern Corps

“In Blackest Day, In Brightest Night, beware your fears made into light. Let those who try to stop what’s right, burn like his power—Sinestro’s might!”

Continuing the nostalgia of looking back at the ‘best of the Justice League‘, we can’t always be focused on the Big Three all the time, even though the Trinity will be making their big screen comeback this weekend with Batman V Superman (holy we-can’t-wait-so-we-can’t-sleep excitement, Batman!). There are other members of the League that we shouldn’t fail to mention during this worldwide Justice League fever, and Green Lantern is one of them.

No, we’re not talking about the horrible abomination and utter disgrace that was Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern film. We’re talking about the actual awesomeness that is Green Lantern in the comics, and the crossover event that made GL one of the best-selling titles for DC Comics back then. This event is none other than the Sinestro Corps War—the jaw-dropping catalyst that brought about the Blackest Night saga and redefined these intergalactic protectors across the whole color spectrum. Heck, it even allowed the GLs to kill. Desperate times, right?

Sinestro Corps War Review: Best of the Green Lantern Corps

Written by Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons, Sinestro Corps War rocked the DC multiverse in 2007 with its incredible storyline, fast-paced action, and high-stakes issues. Unlike the failed Green Lantern film that shall henceforth not be named, Sinestro Corps War had the right mix of character build-up and emotional charges that will truly make any reader invest in their favorite superheroes. It’s out with the green and in with the yellow here, as the comic will make you see Green Lanterns in a whole new light (heh). What’s unique about the piece is that we are all treated to an inside look at what goes on over at the villains’ camp as well; Superboy-Prime, the Anti-Monitor, and Cyborg Superman certainly do not fail to entertain. It’s a must-read for all hardcore GL fans, but for those who are just starting out, the beauty of the story arc is that everything is carefully explained so that the newbie need not get lost. It’s a safe place for noobs, so come hither!

The story revolves around Sinestro forming his own corps with rings powered by the yellow color of fear, as they plan to take over the universe by recruiting beings who have the power to instill great fear. A huge plus is Batman being offered a yellow ring because, honestly, who else is the master of cowardly and superstitious lots, right? What ensues is an epic interplanetary war with tragic casualties that, surprisingly, included a few Guardians. The Green Lantern Corps have never been this threatened, which of course means we get to see mighty Kilowog calling out the shots and ordering poozers around like a total bad-ass.

Sinestro Corps War Review: Best of the Green Lantern Corps
Listen up, poozers!

More highlights include Kyle Rayner being stripped of the Ion entity and being possessed by Parallax, but it’s all good as Sodam Yat takes his place as Ion. Then the brutal showdown between a deranged Superboy Prime and Sodam Yat begins. The Sinestro Corps also attack Mogo, the super-cool living planet GL, by letting Ranx, the sentient city, drill into Mogo’s core. Ranx does this to stop Mogo from redistributing rings from deceased Green Lanterns to new recruits. Then, when the Guardians of the Universe take up the fight against the Anti-Monitor, they go, “Murderer of worlds. The last time you so violently assaulted this universe you entrapped us in a stasis beam. You besieged us with a fire that burned our souls. You rendered us ineffectual and absent from your last war. Today, Anti-Monitor… The Guardians of the Universe are absent no more!” Truly, you will never see the Corps burning brighter than during the Sinestro Corps War.

Sinestro Corps War Review: Best of the Green Lantern Corps

The dawn of the Justice League is at hand right after Batman v. Superman, and Geoff Johns and Kevin Smith themselves teased that the DC Cinematic Universe will not be complete without the Green Lantern Corps. So brush up on your GL knowledge and immerse yourself in the mythos once more, starting with Sinestro Corps War. What are your favorite GL moments in comics? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. Geoff Johns work on GL was always amazing, but this is one of my favorites from his run on the series.

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