Batman Comics: Iconic Character Now Normal! SPOILERS!


Are you a normal human being? You read comics? No? Still interested in Batman though, right? GOOD! I’m glad we are on the same page. Even if you aren’t into comics, this reveal is a pretty big change for such an iconic character. I never know that Alfred was going to run off and start his on Sons of Anarchy spin-off show. Really surprising really but Scott Snyder does such a wonderful job! Oh, that’s not what this is about? Damn! I was really hoping for that show. Perhaps I need to take this argument to Kickstarter. In the mean time, let me recap some things for you that has happened in the comics. I’d turn away now if you are squeamish towards spoilers…and heaven knows the internet can be quite sandy! So, Batman and the Joker got locked in an epic duel(as always) that left Batman an amnesiac and the Joker lost to void(IE, nobody knew where he was). I think in the mean time Commissioner Gordon was Batman, but I’m just throwing that out there. So, without further ado, check out this frame. Bruce Wayne was finally starting to remember he is Batman when we came across this frame in Batman #47

He still scares me. Like Tim Curry.

Say WHAT? The Joker is normal? I think that’s more scary than the normal crazy version…it’s like he’s just waiting to snap back into the Clown Prince of Crime…but then again, look at that last frame. ‘Best Friends Forever’? The Batman and Joker comic might end up being Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn version 2.0!