Squadron Supreme #14 Review – Didn’t We Used to Be a Team?

Squadron Supreme #14 Review - Didn't We Used to Be a Team?

Trapped between time and space, Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum came to an agreement with Namor: they’d save his life, but he’d have to help them. Given that the Squadron Supreme’s first act was killing Namor, how do you think this is going to play out? Let’s disseminate without disappointing in our Squadron Supreme #14 review.


I’ve given Squadron Supreme a lot of latitude over the past few months. After a strong start, the title got bogged down in Civil War II, the team fractured, and none of the stories seemed to be moving along. Still, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking James Robinson would pull it all together in an exciting way.

I’m sad to report that I no longer think that’s the case.


The team remains fractured. The rift is even more pronounced now that some of the team is siding with Namor, some with SHIELD, and Nighthawk, well, he’s just an ass.

This issue finds all of these various factions battling each other and SHIELD aboard a SHIELD helicarrier. Yes, it’s as big a mess as it sounds.

Nighthawk futzes up James Hammond’s powers. Blur has a change of heart. Namor whispers Imperious Rex. Nighthawk, well, he’s just an ass.

The “by any means necessary” promise of the early issues of Squadron Supreme has been squandered by crossovers and a general lack of focus. I don’t think even Robinson has what it takes to turn this book around.

And yet, an interesting dynamic is developing between Hyperion and Namor. Could Namor be used to fill the Aquaman spot in the Squadron? Could these two heavy hitters join forces to get the team on track? Let’s be honest: “by any means necessary” sounds right up Namor’s alley.

Then again, maybe Nighthawk’s murder of robotic hawks will blow up the helicarrier and put us all out of our misery.

We’ll just have to wait until next month to find out.