Stan Lee on Death!


Ohhhh, Canada…you guys ask some rather grim questions! Awww, I’m just kidding. The above is just the audio for Stan Lee speaking at the Edmonton 2015 Expo, when he was asked unexpectedly, ‘what will happen to the Marvel Industry when he dies’? Geez, that’s a tough question to get asked in a crowded room! At first, he said that, ‘he doesn’t give a hoot,’ but then remarked more seriously that, ‘people will miss his cameos’ and (quoting the man directly), “Nothing will happen. All I do is go to panels like this, and conventions. I’m not doing the books anymore. They have a bunch of geniuses who are doing great books, and great movies.”

I guess he’s a bit of a pragmatist, eh? You can hear the moderator joke that Stan Lee would probably become a hologram but let’s be honest…he’ll probably be transformed into a cyborg, imbued with the power Cosmic, or reveal that he was just a Skrull the entire time. Actually, Stan Lee was a clone and his name is really Stan Reily. Whatever the case may be, give that above a listen if you want to hear how the Stan Lee panel went at the Edmonton Expo Canada. It is great for you ‘True Believers’!


  1. When the day comes that Stan is no longer with us, it better be revealed that in the MCU he was and has always been Uatu The Watcher.

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