Superman vs. The Sentry! Who Will Win? YOU DECIDE!

Superman vs. The Sentry! Who Will Win? YOU DECIDE!

The dimensional membranes between universes have softened, and The Sentry and Superman “embrace” in a windmill of fisticuffs after some ridiculous misunderstanding that will eventual be explained before their respective portions of the Multiverse implode and tumble into the sticky, infinite black of ‘uncreation.’ Anyway, it’s Superman vs. The Sentry, and you decide the outcome in our Twitter poll below!

The Contestants!

The Sentry!

When young Robbie Reynold’s drank The Professor’s secret formula, he gained the powers of one-million exploding suns! His abilities include flight, incredible strength, near-invincibility, the projection of catastrophic solar energy and a currently immeasurable psychic strength perhaps on par with the likes of Charles Xavier. This cat is so powerful (I mean, we’re talking one-million suns, after all) he single-handedly defeated Galactus, tore Carnage in half, and created a psychic blanket that effectively removed memories of his existence from the ENTIRE WORLD.

Superman Vs. The Sentry! Who Will Win? YOU DECIDE!
When I’m focused, I’m formidable.

Vulnerabilities –

Due to the manipulations of super-villains who used Robbie’s super-mind against him, he….uh…manifests a dark personification called The Void who epitomizes all his insecurities and uncertainties. Essentially, his “dark self” becomes tangible, and razes hundreds of miles of infrastructure and punctures – to death – thousands of unsuspecting passersby.


Superman vs. The Sentry! Who Will Win? YOU DECIDE!
Your MIND is another dimension!

Look, you know the story, so I’m not going to bash you over the head with an origin so deeply etched into popular culture that it seems more factual than the chocolate chip pancakes you had for breakfast this morning. BUT…can Superman contend with someone who wields and projects the concentrated power of one-million suns? Here, this should reassure you:

Superman Vs. The Sentry! Who Will Win? YOU DECIDE!
Yep, he can take it.

So, who wins? YOU DECIDE! Choose your victor in the twitter poll above, and if you’re so inclined, tell is why you chose your particular contestant in the comments section below!