The Top 5 Best Batman V Superman Moments in Comics

The Top 5 Best Batman V Superman Moments in Comics
The Top 5 Best Batman V Superman Moments in Comics

What’s a World’s Finest tribute without their best moments in print? With Batman V Superman only a few weeks away, there’s no better way to prepare yourself than with a look at the very best Batman V Superman moments in comics. So, let’s examine the most amazing feats these two DC Comics giants have accomplished together—whether they’re on the same side or not.

1. Batman carries around some handy little K in his pocket as a surprise for Superman.

Batman V Superman!
Say hello to my little friend!

Aside from their iconic fight in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, these two have had their fair share of brawls in the comics. For instance, when Superman gets caught under the control of Poison Ivy in Hush, Batman has no other choice but to fight back with flashbang grenades, electroshock, hypersonics, and a Kryptonite ring. He stalls for time as Supes tries to kill him, and then Batman proceeds to execute the main part of his master plan to defeat the Man of Steel—have Lois Lane get thrown off a building. Clark snaps out of it in time to save the love of his life—oh, the lengths Bruce will go!

  1. The pair team up against Darkseid in Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner’s run of Superman/Batman.In issues #8-13 of Superman/Batman titled, “The Supergirl From Krypton”, Supes and Bats team up to deal with Kara’s arrival on Earth, while Wonder Woman trains her over at Themyscira. Not only do we get a glimpse of the training program of the Amazons on Paradise Island, but we also see how formidable Supergirl can be if turned to the dark side by Darkseid (heh). The ruler of Apokolips wants Kara to be the new leader of the Female Furies, and of course, Clark won’t allow it. Our two fave heroes totally shine here: Batman takes a beating from effing Darkseid himself when he primes the whole of Apokolips to explode. Batman threatens Darkseid, and successfully makes him surrender.
    Batman v Darkseid!
    You don’t tell ME!

    Superman, on the other hand, unleashes hell on Darkseid and pins him to the Source Wall, proving once more that you do not want to piss off the Boy Scout.

    Superman V Darkseid!
    And that’s the end of THAT!
  1. Superman and Batman lead different superhero teams in a battle for post-apocalyptic Earth.Kingdom Come may be an Elseworlds storyline, but this 1996 classic by MarkWaid and Alex Ross might as well be canon because of its incredible popularity. In a futuristic world where a new breed of reckless “superheroes” has taken over, the Justice League as we know it has disbanded. While Superman wishes to intervene, Batman resents his idealistic notions and believes instead that his team of “Outsiders” is enough to restore the world order. Despite being on different sides, the two eventually reconcile their differences without having to resort into a fistfight with each other. The bonus epilogue has Wondy and Supes expecting a child, with Bats as the baby’s godfather. Awww.
  2. Batman and Superman!
    I am your Bat-godfather!
  1. They trade powers in Superman/Batman #53-56.

If the contrasting inner monologue that these two have at the start of the arc doesn’t entertain you enough, then the old switcheroo definitely will. Because of a little mishap with Silver Banshee, Bruce gets all of Superman’s powers while Clark gets what he’s always wanted—a normal human life. With his newfound powers, Batman goes on a non-stop crime-fighting spree because he just won’t rest until Gotham is completely clean. Unfortunately, Clark’s “ordinary life” ends with him getting shot in an alley with Lois crying beside him, while Bruce flies over the earth with a tear in his eye, thinking he’s finally saved everyone.

Batman saves EVERYONE! But...not Superman??
Batman saves EVERYONE! But…not Superman??
  1. Despite everything, Superman and Batman will always be best bros.

In Issue 0 of Brad Meltzer’s Justice League of America, we see different incarnations of the Justice League during different timelines, and in one particularly sad moment, Clark mourns the death of his Pa, Jonathan Kent. He says that it was easy when he lost the parents he never knew, but losing the father he grew up with—it’s just devastating. He says he cannot understand how Bruce can go through this pain of losing both his parents. To himself, as he tries to comfort Clark, Bruce then thinks, “We always want our friends to understand us—but never like this.”

Clark's Pa dies.
Clark’s Pa dies.

Sure; Batman V Superman wants to pit these two boys against each other, but deep down, they’ve got each other’s backs and will always be best buds. Unless, maybe, they’re fighting over a girl…

Batman and Wonder Woman. TOGETHER!
Batman and Wonder Woman. TOGETHER!

Supes and Wondy are kind of a thing now in The New 52, but back then in Joe Kelly’s JLA #90, Bruce and Diana were a real deal. It’s too bad that relationship ended on a depressing note (“Can I have one more day?” “Every one I have left.”), but who knows? The boys could be fighting over Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman film. And in that case, whose side will you be on?