The Biggest Speculations From The WandaVision Trailer

Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany is Vision in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION, exclusively on Disney+.

With WandaVision possibly the only thing we’ll see from Marvel over at Disney+ this year, it’s only natural for its trailer to stir up a whole bunch of fan theories about the show—and we’ve got our own geeky take on the whole thing right here:



  1. Wanda is losing her grip


If there’s one thing we’re sure of about that wild and deliciously weird trailer, it’s that the Scarlet Witch’s fractured mind is definitely getting wonkier and wonkier, and the cracks are starting to show. Endgame left her with a dead Thanos and an unsatisfying end to her story, with Vision gone and no other purpose left to take. It’s clear from the trailer that the Pleasantville-esque world is a figment of her own warped imagination, likely because she’s created a world where there doesn’t seem to be any kind of conflict whatsoever.

In this happy-go-lucky land, Wanda and Vision drive into a peaceful neighborhood with a clear shot of a “Just Married” sign on the back of their car. They go about their day painfully oblivious to the outside world, but when asked about their background and why they don’t have kids, this seems to shatter their little bubble as they realize they have no idea about their own existence.


2.  Agatha Harkness, is that you?


Kathryn Hahn makes her appearance in the trailer as well—she’s rumored to be the main antagonist in the show as Agatha Harkness. In the comics, she has a hand in helping Scarlet Witch and Vision “have” children, so it’s very, very possible that the show is going to adapt this storyline in some way.


3.  Monica Rambeau is back


After a few more sitcom-ish scenes, there’s a shot of Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau flying through the air as if she’s just been shot out of something with great force. She lands on the ground and is soon surrounded by members of an agency of some sort, so it’s entirely possible that she’s just been ejected from Wanda’s dream world where, quite possibly, she’s being studied or controlled.

4.  House of M…sort of


There’s a very telling shot of a wine bottle in the trailer that has a “Maison du Mépris” label, which can very well refer to “House of” and the label “M” on the neck of the bottle. House of M in the comics was when Wanda totally lost her grip on reality and went mad with grief after the loss of her two children.  She basically altered the fabric of reality to cope with her loss—sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?


There’s still a whole lot more to discover about the show (The Mind Stone is still in Vision’s head! He wears his classic comic book accurate costume! Kathryn Hahn tells him he’s dead!), but these are just some of the most important ones we think should be worth mentioning! What about you guys? What were your favorite moments from the trailer, and what do you think is happening inside that black-and-white TV world? Let us know what you think in the comments below!