And when I say “exclusive,” I mean exclusive to this very realm and no other; its form and likeness is forever anchored to this reality, never to be shared, cloned, reproduced, or gifted to less enlightened, fiery residents residing in lower, chaotic planes of existence! And here, upon the singular plane hosting its corporal form, it is offered only to those capable of handling its ancient, potentially volatile, potentially demon-attracting magicks. Yes, The Ancient One and her guild have entrusted these EXCLUSIVE Dr. Strange Symbol New Era Hats to us, and we, in turn, offer these blessed artifacts (very much AGAINST the wishes of The Ancient One)….to you.

This magically forged headwear is available in 3 unique constructs: the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 59Fifty Hat, the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 39Thirty Hat, and the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 9Fifty Hat! Let’s take a closer look at each mystical artifact effectively mimicking headwear in order to deflect the multiversal data-mining of the dreaded Dormammu!!!!!

It’s the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 59Fifty Hat!

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Available in sizes 7 through 8, this sized, 100% wool, flat-billed hat features the recognizable, talismanic Seal of Vishanti, a powerful warding sign capable of deflecting invaders from those aforementioned “lesser” realms. Incorporated into the architecture of the Doctor’s Sanctum Sanctorum as an expansive, circular window, the Seal of Vishanti is also known as the Window of the Worlds, or the Anomaly Rue. So, this hat protects your psyche from wondering, chthonic entities as they troll the multiverse looking to derange and subjugate a billion, billion subjects!

OH! And turn it around to reveal a raised, embroidered Doctor Strange logo!

It's the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 59Fifty Hat!
The back!

It’s the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 39Thirty Hat!


It's the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 39Thirty Hat!

Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this New Era Dr. Strange hat features a curved, red bill, and a raised, embroidered, especially comforting Seal of Vishanti! Available in 3 sizes, this fitted Dr. Strange hat is perfect for protecting your childhood memories from invasion by phantasmic, multi-dimensional memory parasites. Yep.

It’s the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 9Fifty Hat!

It's the Dr. Strange Symbol New Era 9Fifty Hat!

Made from 100% wool, this New Era Doctor Strange hat features a red, flat bill, the always welcome Seal of Vishanti, and the always dependable, adjustable snapback implement of mystical fastening! You kind of need this, considering your frontal lobe was already used as a womb to support and birth the next doom-bringing Lich King. Yeah, let’s not go through that again.

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