Check out the Daredevil Objection Men’s T-Shirt!

Check out the Daredevil Objection Men's T-Shirt!

Phoenix Wright takes the case! What? Yes, Daredevil’s particular, commanding, demanding posture is highly reminiscent of one Phoenix Wright, star of his own series of “visual novel adventure games” created by Capcom. Yes, Matt Murdock is an attorney so the obvious homage to Phoenix Wright on the Daredevil Objection Men’s T-Shirt is appreciated and somewhat understandable…but the comparison ends when one’s sanity is subpoenaed to testify.

Matt Murdock, you see, has suffered through his fair share of psychological implosions, so showing up in court with a business suit OVER the Daredevil uniform is, sadly, recurring. He usually stinks of gin and objects to everything, especially laws having to do with the enforcement of Dinosaur handling in Day Care centers. What? Exactly.

Check out the Daredevil Objection Men's T-Shirt!
Check out the Daredevil Objection Men’s T-Shirt! CLICK! BUY! IMMEDIATELY!

So, it’s Daredevil; drunk, argumentative, and claiming the mistreatment of Charizard at the hands of Team Rocket! Or, he’s demanding all green teenagers register their alien names at the local mini-golf check-in counter. What? Exactly.

Oh, and he thinks Bowling is the first phase of a Skrull invasion, and people who unnaturally possess the “stink eye” should be imprisoned immediately after a liberal application of IcyHot® to their consistently disapproving corneas. What? Exactly.

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