Doctor Strange has been keeping our dimension free from hell-spawned soul-lice and scimitar-wielding scissor-people for decades in the pages of Marvel Comics; it’s only fitting the valiant protector gets the big-screen treatment in this year’s Doctor Strange film starring Benedict Cumberbatch! To celebrate the Doctor’s aforementioned, comic book vigilance, and his highly anticipated cinematic debut, we present you with the thrice-blessed DOCTOR STRANGE HEROBOX!

Celebrate the Vigilant Defender of Our Dimension with the Doctor Strange HeroBox!
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Magically conveyed to your home through mostly dangerous incantations, the Doctor Strange HeroBox is available in two, probably cursed incarnations:

The Silver Edition!

This costs you a measly $49 for $70-worth of magically infused goodness.

The Gold Edition!

This costs you a mere pittance; $69 for $100-worth of magically infused goodness.

What does a magically toxic Doctor Strange HeroBox actually contain?

Well, it will definitely contain a t-shirt of your choice, and perhaps a selection of the following:

A pint glass!
A collectible figure!
A lanyard!
A well-trained familiar!
A Ouija Board that may might have already summoned a murderous, demonic presence!
Dr. Strange socks!
A Dr. Strange beanie!
A blessed soup ladle that keeps every liquid it stirs at an even 65°

So, stop reading this blasted description and add one of these Doctor Strange HeroBox mystery boxes to your g-darn cart. To be honest, this greatly enhances your defenses against unwanted, supernatural parasites.