First Look at New Batman V Superman T-Shirts!

Batman v Superman t-shirts!

Soon, will be getting its hands on some highly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice merchandiseWhat kind of merchandise? Why, Batman V Superman t-shirts! That’s right, is receiving Batman V Superman t-shirts in just a few short days and they’re AWESOME! Check ’em out!

Superman v Batman T-Shirt!
Well, do you???

First one (above) references the question an armored Batman put to a floating, ‘S-Shield’ emblazoned alien before they threw down like…funky town? Yeah, it rhymes so I went with it. Anyway, Batman knows he’s in need of some serious augmentation, hence the Bat-themed super-suit. Will it actually even the playing field, allowing Batman to stand up against an infinitely powerful, sun-charged super-alien? Well…maybe for about 17 minutes. Beyond that, there are no guarantees.

Superman V Batman T-Shirts!
Is there something you wanted to ask me!!?

This second image references another movie scene where Batman essentially calls out Superman with his helpful, hard to miss Bat Signal. Although, not sure if calling out Superman is a good idea. In fact, calling out someone who can kick the moon into your inground pool is not a good idea.

Batman V Superman T-Shirts!
Their conflict has been called ‘heated’ on occasion. ZOINKS!

Here’s an image of the ubiquitous Batman/Superman symbol fusing together unnaturally disparate Superman and Batman elements resulting in a volatile, highly combustible t-shirt!

Batman V Superman t-shirts!
Stay still!

And the final Batman V Superman t-shirt features a design rendered in a flock of easily disturbed bats! How long did it take to train these bats, I wonder. Firstly, Batman had to get them into the fused Batman/Superman configuration. Then, he had to convince them to hold said configuration. That’s…that’s gotta’ be difficult.

New Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice t-shirts are landing here in the next few days! You’ll be able to find them here, along with other Batman V Superman merchandise, on our Batman v Superman page!