Get Your Flash Silver Edition HeroBox TODAY!

The Flash HeroBox!

YES! Starting like NOW, you can order our brand new, in-stock, Flash-themed HeroBox! What’s a HeroBox? It’s a mystery box containing awesome stuff that holds a much greater value than the cost put forward to own such a splendorous thing! What’s a Flash Silver Edition HeroBox? It’s a mystery box stuffed to the gills with awesome Flash gear! For the low, low cost of $49, you get $70+ of amazing, awesome, absolutely necessary Flash stuff. Okay, you’re rolling your eyes; you want me to define “stuff.” Fine. When I say “stuff,” I’m referring to a Flash t-shirt and any number of Flash accessories and additional apparel-items, like mugs, lanyards, buttons, socks, keychains, wallets etc. I would like to tell you these Flash HeroBoxes contain a Flash ring carrying a compressed Flash costume, or the key to the Flash Museum, or Max Mercury’s daily mantra etched on a piece of congealing Speed Force. Yes, I would like to tell you that, but I would be lying.

And to support our very strict, non-lying policy, our Flash HeroBoxes contain only officially licensed Flash merchandise! OBSERVE! Also…CLICK! As in…THE IMAGE!

Get Your Flash Silver Edition HeroBox TODAY!
Get Your Flash Silver Edition HeroBox TODAY! CLICK HERE and BE AWESOME!

So, if you missed the fact that you can click on the giant illustration above, feel free to follow this very boring text link to our wondrous HeroBox page! From here, you can add that Silver Edition Flash HeroBox to your cart…unless you’ve already done it before. Hmmm. And if you did order one previously, you traveled to the very moment when you originally placed the order and created an alternate timeline where bears have wings and giant spiders rule the Atlantic Ocean. Or something.