The Source Swag Spotlight: Because Deadpool is for Ladies!

Deadpool loves the LADIES!

Deadpool is absolutely all about the ladies! Yes, he does a lot of manly things like curse, stab, shoot and murder, but he absolutely loves and appreciates the ladies! How much? Why, enough to make sure ladies get the coolest mother-f**king swag! Don’t believe me, then click here to check out our entire selection of Deadpool items for…THE LADIES! I’m giving you 17 seconds to browse before I continue: 17..14..3..2..1 AND WE’RE BACK! Now, check out the following Deadpool items specifically for YOU, THE LADIES!

Deadpool Has Issues Women's T-Shirt
Deadpool Has Issues Women’s T-Shirt!

Check out The Deadpool Has Issues Women’s T-Shirt ($23.99)! Made from 100% cotton, this soft, silver, juniors t-shirt features THE CUTEST RENDITION OF DEADPOOL EVER!!! And look, this rounded, bendy-armed caricature is going through his comics and declaring ownership of said comics! He’s also likening his comic book issues to his personal, psychological issues! Continuing with the analogy, does this mean his brain is like a comic book box, with each thought pressed against an acid-free board and sealed within a clear, 3-mil polyethylene bag?? ‘NUFF SAID!


And check out the Deadpool All Over Print Crew Socks ($11.99)! Made from 68% acrylic, 30% polyester, 3% spandex, 77% mercury, 63% bronchitis and 432% mustard gas, these awesome Deadpool socks feature a veritable slathering of Deadpool-related indicia from floating Deadpool heads to Deadpool text layered over bright, nearly incendiary, piggie-salving socks!

Is Deadpool for the ladies?? F**K YES!