It’s the Star Wars Force Awakens Kylo Renpire T-Shirt

Kylo Renpire!

Check out our Star Wars Force Awakens Kylo Renpire T-Shirt! Pretty cool, right? Right. Anyway, I’ll disseminate some incredibly informative t-shirt specs in a few moments. In the meantime, take a gander at the featured image above. Yes, it’s Kylo Ren wearing the Star Wars Force Awakens Kylo Renpire T-Shirt, but this particular advertising aesthetic is based on a specific album cover. Take a crack at naming both the band and the album; first person to get it right scores a free….something. It’ll probably be a keychain, but it’ll be free and you’ll like it for that very reason. Now, about the t-shirt…

Star Wars Force Awakens Kylo Renpire T-Shirt
Star Wars Force Awakens Kylo Renpire T-Shirt. CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

It’s black; it’s made from 100% cotton; it features an attack-ready Kylo Ren layered over an intimidating First Order sigil. NEATO! Yes, Kylo Ren is the especially unstable, redundantly whiny fist of the First Order, a still-empowered, post-Empire entity struggling to maintain control and eradicate Jedi. JERKS! Kylo, a surprisingly charismatic Force-wielder, garnered his very own sect of loyal sycophants known as the Knights of Ren. So, Kylo and his very own band of beleaguered, nodding, Force-sensitive jerk-faces are going around and trying to put an end to the Jedi legacy. JERKS! So, buy the t-shirt and support a big jerk and his jerk friends who go around killing people who are usually pretty nice and always very helpful. Ugh.