It’s Superherostuff’s TAX REFUND SALE! Invest in US!

It's Superherostuff's TAX REFUND SALE! Invest in US!

Starting today and running until April 17th, we’re offering AMAZING discounts on your favorite superhero-related necessities! Why? Because the U.S. Government is giving you back your hard-earned cash and we’re very aware of the uncomfortable burden this begets! What burden?? Why, that would be the burden of decision-making, specifically, the decision regarding where said refund should be placed. Should you save it? Don’t be ridiculous; the US dollar is losing value so it will be worth less if you wait to spend it! How about starting an account for your child’s college tuition? Look, your kid’s going to grow up resenting you anyway, and any money you give him/her will be completely wasted as they’ll simply fund their proper contempt for you. So, where should the refund go? Here’s an idea: THE SUPERHEROSTUFF.COM TAX REFUND SALE!! CLICK THE BANNER BELOW AND START SAVING!

It's Superherostuff's TAX REFUND SALE! Invest in US!
You will get immediate value for your money! CLICK IMAGE AND START SAVING!

We’re granting you 2 ways to properly invest your freshly-returned funds!

1. Investment Plan A: we’re taking 15% off orders of $60 or more! Just use the distinctly colored code “TAXES15” at checkout!

2. Investment Plan B: 10% off everything on the ENTIRE WEBSITE! Just use the equally distinct code, “TAXES10” at checkout!

Folks, you earned this! You deserve TANGIBLE value for your money!! Superhero T-Shirts, hats, socks, plush toys and wallets? TANGIBLE!