Superherostuff’s Best-Selling Costume T-Shirts!

Best Selling Costume T-Shirts!

There’s Still Time! Check Out Our Best-Selling Costume T-Shirts!

That’s right, kids. It’s time to dress up like your favorite Superhero and demand hard currency in the form of solid blocks of chocolate. If your demands for said chocolate aren’t met, you absolutely have the right to toilet paper a home adorned in one of our awesome costume t-shirts! You also have the right to petition for larger blocks of said chocolate if your demands are only partially met. Snack-size? Seriously? If the chocolate bar is smaller than your calf muscle, there’s room to negotiate. To do this effectively, we suggest you adorn our Captain America Sublimated Costume T-Shirt. But I digress. Anyway, check out some of our best-selling (and best looking) costume t-shirts for men, women and kids!

Costume T-Shirts for Men!

Check out these awesome Batman and Superman Sublimated Costume T-Shirts!
Batman Tuxedo Costume Reveal Sublimated T-Shirt, $27.99; Superman Red Tie Costume Reveal T-Shirt, $27.99

The Batman Tuxedo Costume Reveal Sublimated T-Shirt and the Superman Red Tie Costume Reveal T-Shirt, both made from 100% polyester, are incredibly beautiful t-shirts reproducing the costumed appearances of DC Comics’ collaborative (and sometimes contentious) icons, Batman and Superman! Well, okay, not the full costumes, but hints of costumes hidden underneath carefully chosen t-shirts worn only to perpetuate and solidify secret identities!

Check out these awesome Thor and Captain America Sublimated Costume Tees!
Thor Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt, $26.99; Captain America Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt, $26.99

The Captain America Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt, made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex, is a sheer, stretchy fitness t-shirt mimicking Captain America’s costumed torso with a highly detailed, sublimated print. Adorning this particular costume t-shirt might augment one’s ability to jump (over enemies of freedom), punch (the teeth out of enemies of freedom), or run (towards enemies of freedom while swinging a tank turret like a baseball bat). It may also allow one to drink milk quickly without any paralyzing, cranial discomfort. In the name of freedom, of course.

The Thor Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt, with material specs mirroring the Cap t-shirt, features a printed reproduction of Thor’s sacred, alien armor. Yes, Thor’s an alien, meaning his regalia is alien god-tech woven to resemble ancient garments inspired by Norse mythology. Wait…what? Moving right along…

Costume T-Shirts for Women!

Check out these awesome Batgirl and Robin Sublimated Costume Tees!
Batgirl Suit Up Women’s Costume T-Shirt, $25.99; Robin Sublimated Caped Women’s T-Shirt, $25.99

The Batgirl Suit Up Women’s Costume T-Shirt is made from 100% polyester, mimicking Batgirl’s lightly armored, costumed top, complete with excellently illustrated Utility Belt! But wait, there’s greatness beyond the exquisite sublimated printing! What form does this greatness take? Why, the form of…a removable cape! YAHTZEE!

The Robin Sublimated Caped Women’s T-Shirt, also made from 100% polyester, closely resembles the costume adorned by one or several “Boy Wonders” brave enough to invite the grisly training techniques of the impossible-to-please Dark Knight. I mean, I was absolutely appalled after reading Dick Grayon’s best-selling autobiography, How the Batman F@!!$# up My Life Completely. That second chapter, “Robin and the Bear?” Absolutely horrifying. If you haven’t read it, this chapter recounts a seven month period during which Dick Grayson was purposely left alone in a bear cave; all he had was a yo-yo, three thumbtacks and a kaleidoscope. After seventeen weeks, Robin was subsisting on a diet of uncleaned fish, grubs and mushrooms (some hallucinogenic, so he had to lose the kaleidoscope), speaking fluent bear-speak and torturing poachers with a yo-yo and three thumbtacks. Oh, sorry; this costumed t-shirt also features a removable cape!

Costume T-Shirts for Kids!

Check out these awesome Batman and Superman costume t-shirts for kids!
Batman Kids Costume Caped T-Shirt, $19.99; Superman Kids Costume Caped T-Shirt, $19.99

The Batman Kids Costume Caped T-Shirt with removable cape is made from 100% cotton, the perfect little faux Batman uniform to wrap around any aspiring crime fighter. Is your wee one obsessed with solving the murder of his favorite stuffed animal? Do you find him reading books, exercising rigorously or insisting you and the Penguin had a hand in the “accidental” death of Diperee-Doo the talking Unicorn? Yes? Hmmm. Maybe you should skip the Batman tee since enabling this behavior might be a bad idea.

The Superman Kids Costume Caped T-Shirt with removable cape, also made from 100% cotton, is for the child who likes…Superman; the child who enjoys making his bed, chewing with his mouth closed and eating with utensils. If your toddler displays these characteristics, we recommend you hide him from the government and raise him as your own. Humanity might not take kindly to rattle-shaking, sun-powered visitors from outer space.

Check out these awesome Captain America and Wonder Woman Costume T-Shirts for kids!
Captain America Kids Logo Costume T-Shirt, $14.99; Wonder Woman Kids Costume Caped T-Shirt, $19.99

The Captain America Kids Logo Costume T-Shirt is made from 100% cotton, colored in the familiar red, white and blue of America’s premier super solider! This Captain America t-shirt is available in toddler, juvenile and youth sizes, so you can adorn a multitude of growing man-children simultaneously! Has your child awakened to a time he’s no longer familiar with, lamenting the passing of old friends while listening intently to Tommy Dorsey records? If you’re about to answer, “Yes,” through trembling, tear-soaked lips, then by all means, buy this t-shirt.

The Wonder Woman Kids Costume T-Shirt, slightly more star-spangled than the Cap t-shirt, is made from 100% cotton and features, for your convenience, a removable cape! Because yes, when formality is demanded, Wonder Woman adorns a cape! I mean, she’s Wonder Woman. She’s like, royalty, godliness and the shining avatar of hope and healing rolled into perfect physical form. Honestly, the lasso (as well as the sword and shield) is always a last resort. She’ll take your word for it, and trust you to do the right thing. Of course, she’ll throw you the length of a football field if you disappoint, so…yeah, it’s healthier to play it straight with Wonder Woman.

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So, are you ready for Halloween? Really? Okay, who (or what) will you be dressing up as? Wonder Woman? Batman? Captain America? Wait…what? A Meineke employee? Hmmm. I have a feeling you’ll be getting a lot of raisins this year. Maybe a few bottles of room temperature water.

Good luck!