New Full Jessica Jones Trailer Released!


Check out the Full Jessica Jones Trailer Here! Right Here!

Your patience has finally paid off! The day you dreamed of has finally arrived! Break out the moose tracks ice cream; Netflix recently released a full blown trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and we here at The Source are pretty gosh darn impressed. What is it about the Jessica Jones trailer that strikes our fancy?

Well, we’re very impressed by the look of the series; the characters drenched in deep shadows, hardly discernible against the hard, cracked, expressionless monotone of Hell’s Kitchen.

We’re impressed by the inclusion of Luke Cage, and the fact that this character seems integral to the series.

And, we’re elated to discover that Dr. Zebediah Killgrave (aka, the Purple Man) is not only formidable, he’s absolutely terrifying. It appears that he and Jessica Jones have a history, and we’re thinking it’s this very history that lead to Jessica’s traumatic removal from her short-lived superhero career. I mean, good grief, he’s in her head; he’s nestled deep inside and kicking over the furniture. She’s flashing back in abusive shocks of purple, hearing him repeat her name in haunting loops, and then elbowing the crap out of subway windows. Yep, there’s a history, and if it dares repeat itself, Jessica might not survive the resurgence.

Netfilx debuts Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Friday, November 20th. Are you ready? Are you excited? Any reservations? Has the trailer removed or reduced any of these reservations? Let us know below!