Chewbacca Mom Gets Free College for Her and Family


They do say happiness is infectious…and in today’s internet world things can go viral mighty quick! I’m sure you’ve seen the video floating around of an ecstatic mother in a Chewbacca mask. The quickly dubbed ‘Chewbacca Mom’ video garnered over 20 million views in the first 24 hours and is currently sailing north of 150 million views. In the ‘Chewbacca Mom’ video, Candance Payne goes to return some clothing and picks up a Chewbacca mask. She then proceeds to video tape herself unboxing the item and then completely loses it. Oh, and by “completely losing it,” I mean she radiates pure and unadulterated joy. I think we all were a little jealous at the sheer happiness that the Chewbacca Mom experienced as the classic Wookiee sound effect struggled to get through Candance’s intense laughter.

Of course, becoming that kind of internet celebrity comes with a series of boons. Chewbacca Mom has received tons of free gifts from different companies, has appeared on late night television shows, met JJ Abrams, and was even invited to Facebook’s headquarters! However, the most recent development is even greater and far more lasting than trinkets and baubles. What could it be? How about a free ride to college for her, her husband, and her two kids! Wow…perhaps I should start being more laugh-out-loud happy. Apparently, it is a good way to invest in the future!

In the above video, Chewbacca Mom tours Southeastern University’s campus in Lakeland, Florida which results in the overwhelmingly generous offer. President Dr. Kent Ingle of Southeastern University said, “Candace has inspired us and others with her joy, and we want her and her family to experience some of that same joy through this gift.”

This is such an amazing gift for our family, I’m blown away,” Chewbacca Mom replied. “I mean, my kids’ college is paid for!” That is pretty awesome all things considered and it is always nice to write about good things happening to good people. I wonder how many people have seen the Chewbacca Mom video and wondered, “Gee, how do I get like that?” I guess such is the power of Star Wars!

Per the video’s description, “Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, recently hosted Candace Payne (aka Chewbacca Mom) on campus for a tour with our mascot that, well, didn’t go so well. We made things right with a surprise gift from our President Dr. Kent Ingle, though, and had such a blast working with Candace. She is so genuine and an inspiration to millions!”