Han Solo’s Jacket Up for Charity


Well, it isn’t like he is using it anymore, right? Joking aside, actor Harrison Ford has given up his iconic smuggler’s garb to go towards epilepsy research. Currently up on IfOnly, and as of this writing, the current bid is $34,000. Starting at $18,000, Han Solo’s Jacket was last seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and is signed and dated by the immediately recognizable actor. I guess that also means you get to shoot Greedo first! Harrison Ford’s inspiration for this is that his 25-year-old daughter named Georgia was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. “When you have a loved one who suffers from this disease, it can be devastating. You know how it affects their lives, their future, their opportunities and you want desperately to find mitigation,” Ford said to Huffington Post earlier this month. “You want to find a way that they can live a comfortable and effective life.”

He continued, “It’s really important to talk about it. There’s real important cutting-edge research being done in the area and I’m very hopeful that someday, very soon, we’re going to find a cure.” I suppose that is one way to get people to talk about epilepsy…by putting up one of the most famous jackets ever for sale! I wonder if you can still smell Kylo Ren on that thing?