Yes, I, the intrepid Editor-in Chief for The Source, will be at the gol-durned New York Comic-Con trolling the aisles for creators willing to speak with me for more than ten seconds WITHOUT punching me square in the face-pocket! Why is my attendance at NYCC so gol-durned important it’s worth mentioning to the 24 of you who are actually paying attention?? Because if you find me, and properly identify me as Tiras (ti-ris), I’ll hand you 2 things:

A free comic or comics!

For example, I have the first few issues of the REBIRTH Flash series and I want to bequeath them to an especially tenacious Source fan.

My official business card!

Take it! Tell your friends about The Source at, the place for all your insightful superhero/sci-fi news and reviews!

Make sure to like our Facebook page if you haven’t already!

And yes, we’ll be part of SuperHeroStuff’s NYCC deluge!

You can find the SHS crew (and maybe me) at booth #1866!
Are there deals? OF COURSE! Just look at the gol-durned flyer below!
Get a free button for EVERY PURCHASE!

Spend $65 at the booth and get $25-off your next online purchase!

In Summation:

Find me, get a free comic, AND LIKE THE SOURCE FB PAGE!!!!!

Go to the booth, buy sh*t, get a free button and/or an online coupon!