VIDEO RECAP: 15 Years of Comics, Movies & Games from SuperheroStuff


Are you a fan of those shows where they claim that ‘I love the 90s’ or ‘I love the 80s’? Yeah? No? Well, that’s okay because we have something in that tune but way better because it stars us! Yes, us…the people at SuperheroStuff! Last year, we celebrated our 15th anniversary and went through each of the years we were in business and commented on that year’s occurrence! We have tons of people in these things…you may even be able to find me in there sooner or later.

Want to know what we think, or maybe even get a laugh or two? Get through that playlist above and revel in the opinions of SuperHeroStuff. Hey, we live and love this stuff and we would love to share it with you…that’s why we got into this sort of thing, ya know? Let us know what you think! What did you think of Liv Schreibertooth and X-Men: Origins? What about the late 90s? Do you remember back then? Where were you when the original Spider-Man movie came out? Sound off below!