The 5 Big Questions I Have About Suicide Squad!

The 5 Big Questions I Have About Suicide Squad!
The 5 Big Questions I Have About Suicide Squad!
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To say that Suicide Squad was a polarizing movie would be an understatement. Some people loved it and others hated it. Me, on the other hand, I was kind of in the middle; I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it either. One thing’s for sure though, I was definitely confused by a few things. Now, the following points/questions aren’t criticisms about the movie, they’re more about the things that I noticed that really don’t have a resolution Are they the result of bad editing or basic story inconsistencies? I don’t know, but I can still ask the five big questions I have about Suicide Squad!




  1. What’s the deal with Katana?


    The 5 Big Questions I Have About Suicide Squad!

Now don’t get me wrong, Katana is an awesome character. However, throughout the movie, she barely says or does anything. This begs the following question: why was she necessary??? Rick Flag says she’s there to lend him a hand with the squad, but did they really need the extra help? They had several trained soldiers, not to mention people holding the kill-switches. It just seems like they could’ve gone on without her and nothing would be any different. What’s funny is that Katana seems a little more capable than Flag, so why didn’t they have her lead the Suicide Squad?! Despite how they tried to rush her backstory, the character is very interesting. Honestly, she’s worthy of her own movie.

  1. Why does the Joker leave Harley underwater?

I guess the best word I can use to describe Jared Leto’s Joker is “different”. Probably the most interesting aspect about this version is that he actually seems to care about Harley Quinn. Early on in the film, Joker and Harley are chased down by Batman and this causes their car to fall into the river. Harley is left behind to be captured by Batman while Joker escapes. Where other versions of Joker have only used and abused her, this one does have more of a soft spot for her, so that begs the question: why does Joker leave Harley Quinn underwater?

The 5 Big Questions I Have About Suicide Squad!
I’m sure he had his reasons…

When I first saw this scene I figured “Oh, okay. So, Joker’s just leaving her behind to keep Batman away from him.” But as the movie goes on we see he genuinely cares about Harley (in his own twisted way) and wants her back, so why’d he leave her there in the first place? Was there not enough time to save her? Did he think she was right behind him? Was it all just a lie and the Joker actually does have some ulterior motive to free Harley?  The answer is unclear and is left to the viewer to ponder. Maybe it means nothing, but something about it feels like a bit of foreshadowing for the future of Harley Quinn!

  1. Incubus’s weakness is big explosions?

Later on, it’s revealed that Rick Flag set a charge to kill Incubus (the brother of the Enchantress) before he was betrayed. So Diablo sacrifices himself to lure Incubus over the charge, which kills him as well! While we don’t know a whole lot about the limits of Incubus or the Enchantress, we do see that they’re both extremely powerful. So here’s the question: why does the charge even affect Incubus?!  Throughout the movie he can tear through oncoming trains, survive incineration, and even shrug off other explosives, so how does this one do him in?? It just feels like after all that, he should be able to survivor yet another explosive device. Actually, are we even sure he’s really dead? For all we know he could’ve reduced size again, and ran for it! Maybe you guys should just inspect the floor and any and all drains before you confirm the kill!

  1. When did the Suicide Squad become Friends/Why do they care about any of this?


    The 5 Big Questions I Have About Suicide Squad!
    We CARE!

The best part was the Suicide Squad being themselves and watching their interactions (especially in the bar scene)! It’s just too bad the movie didn’t give us more! For the most part, the film seemed focused on Harley and Deadshot, and if not them, it was Rick Flag and Deadshot playing off each other. So… when did the Suicide Squad find time to become friends? Diablo mentioned several times how the squad was like a family to him, yet we never really saw the “family” develop. Other than that bar scene, Killer Croc barely said or did anything, Katana barely said or did anything, and Captain Boomerang seemed like he wouldn’t care about any of them, and especially not the mission.

In the same scene, Rick smashed the kill-switch for the squad and Boomerang bolted out of there in a “flash.” Yet, for some reason, he came back to help. Why? In fact, why did the squad care about any of this after the kill-switch’s destruction? The entire mission was to fix an “oopsie” made by Waller in the first place! So, outside of “the plot demands it”, they basically had no real reason to keep going. At one point, Harley Quinn even asked “What’s the world ever done for us?” And I gotta say, from that perspective, she has a point! What has the world done for them?! Seems they benefit more from leaving than staying.


  1. What, exactly, was Enchantress’s plan?


    The 5 Big Questions I Have About Suicide Squad!
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As the main villain she drove the plot, but unfortunately, she was the reason why Warner Bros. lost a few fans after the credits rolled. But there’s really only one question I have about the Enchantress. What was her plan, exactly? We know she was to destroy humanity for imprisoning and using her, but how? She mentioned she was going to build a machine, but we never saw actually saw it (unless the vortex of trash in the sky was the “machine”)!

So, she freed her brother to help her while she worked, and also made soldiers to fight for her. Fine. But then she sent her minions to capture Rick Flag because…she feared him? Was the Enchantress trying to torture Dr. Moone by making Flag another minion? Was she after Rick’s device to kill the squad all at once, or was she just trying to use him to find Waller? Rick was arguably the least threatening member of the team, so without a real answer, it just didn’t add up!

Now that I think about it, why couldn’t she have teleported her heart to herself?! She’s this all-powerful magic user, so she can teleport anything unless it’s the one thing that can kill her?! Also, what does her “weapon” do anyway? Does it turn everyone into her followers or does it just kill people? If she was really after the kill-switch, why didn’t she take it from Waller after she captured her? Why couldn’t she kill the squad with her magic? Honestly, the more you try to figure out exactly what sh’s up to, the more confusing it gets!

But you know… I actually have a little theory why her plan has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Remember that scene where Dr. Moone transformed in her sleep? What if it was completely by accident, so everything the Enchantress did was improvised? It would explain why it all seemed like a rushed job, because it actually was a rushed job! Still, it seems like there could’ve been a million other ways for Enchantress to achieve…whatever the end goal was.

What questions do you have left over from Suicide Squad? Any other plot-holes currently stinging the part of your brain that always demands swift and logical solutions to every incomplete quandary??