Five Things We Want in the Next Superman Movie

Five Things We Want in the Next Superman Movie

Five Things We Want in the Next Superman Movie!

Five Things We Want in the Next Superman Movie
These socks are currently more inspirational than their inspiration!

Last week the news broke that the sequel to the much maligned Man of Steel is pretty much a sure thing. This movie offers DC and Warner Brothers an opportunity to course correct on their presentation of Superman.

I am firmly in the camp that hates the current presentation of Superman. He’s too dour, too serious, too Batman. His solution to the Zod problem was completely tone deaf and out of character.

So, now that Superman is (temporarily) dead, how does DC fix the damage?

As it turns out we’ve got some ideas.


1. Primary Colors – Look, I’m not suggesting they put the red underwear on him. I actually like the DCEU update of the costume. What I don’t like is the dark colors. Brighten it up. No navy. No maroon. Give me royal blue and cardinal red. Make Superman pop off the screen.

Five Things We Want in the Next Superman Movie

2.  Lighten Up – Enough moping already. Can we leave the brooding to Batman…please?  Superman should be lighter. I’m not saying silly. I’m just saying less dour.

Five Things We Want in the Next Superman Movie
That joke? About the man and the thing and the other man? HILARIOUS!

3. Less Messianic – Superman isn’t the messiah. He’s not sent to save mankind from itself, he’s there to provide an ideal. Superman is supposed to be what mankind strives for. Let him be that for a while and see how it goes.

Five Things We Want in the Next Superman Movie

4. No More KillingMan of Steel lost me for good when Superman (SPOILER?) snapped Zod’s neck. Never mind the fact that the Kryptonians had spent the last act of the movie destroying Metropolis. That neck snap changed the very fiber of the character and not for the better. Kal-EL doesn’t kill. He just doesn’t. Don’t do it anymore.

And I don’t EVER want to see a scene like THIS again…

5. Supporting Cast – They killed Jimmy Olsen in BvS. They killed Pa Kent in Man of Steel. Superman needs his support network. The humans he loves keep him grounded; they make him human. Stop offing them. They are important to his narrative.

Five Things We Want in the Next Superman Movie
No one here gets out alive!

So, when the Man of Steel wakes up from his dirt nap, a few tweaks can go a long way toward fixing the mistakes made with the character so far in the DCEU.

What do you think? Have some other ideas? Sound off, Superman fans!


  1. i agree with your opinions but at the same time no on cared when chris reeves superman killed a powerless zod unecesarily. also i took it that he wasnt superman yet. he was learning to become superman. having said thay i too want the more positive sure of himself with doing the right thing superman. lets hope he finally shows up.

    • Not to mention that Superman DOES kill Zod in the comics.. Superman vol. 2 #22, 1988

      To the OP:
      This is really the irony of the situation. Man of Steel held up the comics to a large degree. Zod was the first humanoid creature he had to kill.. and so he did in the movie. They could do with lightening him up, making him more of a boyscout again, and brightening his outfit but don’t kid yourself into thinking Superman has never killed anyone.

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