5 Reasons Why You Should Join Team Iron Man

5 Reasons You Should Join Team Iron Man

Who will stand, who will fall? With Captain America: Civil War coming to theaters in May, we have a lot to look forward to. There’s no doubt that this movie will be a whole lot of fun, but in a scenario of heroes versus heroes there’s always going to be one question: whose side are you on? Well, if you’re on the side of the Armored Avenger, Iron Man, then this is the list for you. So let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should join Team Iron Man.

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  1. Technology!

    5 Reasons You Should Join Team Iron Man
    I wear super-science!

Let’s just be honest; Tony Stark has all the cool toys. After all, he was the man who designed the entire Avengers Tower, a ton of the Avenger’s gadgets…and do I even need to mention how awesome the Iron Man suit is? Team Iron Man definitely has the high ground in cutting-edge technology and with the backing of the U.S. government on their side they probably also have some S.H.I.E.L.D. tech at their disposal. While Captain America’s team does have some impressive stuff (like the Falcon’s wings and the Ant-Man suit), they’re just not quite as cool as a suit of armor that turns you into a one-man army. Who knows, maybe if you join up now you’ll get your own Iron Man armor.


  1. Government Support

    5 Reasons You Should Join Team Iron Man
    We will effectively maintain this perimeter!

Since Iron Man is siding with the government in this war, that means Mr. Stark has some people of power in his corner. Not only can they provide Tony with all the tools he’ll need, but it also means that they can give him back-up with some soldiers of their own (possibly even equipped with some Stark weapons to boot). And you know they will throw everything they have at Captain America for his betrayal, so I ask you: can Cap’s team fend off a whole army, plus other superheroes? Well, if strength really does come in numbers, then Team Iron Man definitely has the most people to call on.


  1. They Have All the Best Superheroes!

    5 Reasons You Should Join Team Iron Man
    The best!

Iron Man definitely has a team of heavy hitters ready to go to battle with him. Besides Iron Man himself, they’ve got War Machine, Black Widow, Vision, and not to mention your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and less-than-friendly Black Panther! How cool is that? This team has got a super-spy, an advanced android, and the king of an entire nation! Meanwhile, the other side has a guy who shrinks and a guy who shoots arrows; Iron Man’s team just looks a tiny bit more impressive by comparison. If you asked me who I wanted to hang out with after the war was won, I’d choose Team Iron Man.


  1. Superheroes Should Be Accountable

There’s an old saying that “with great power, comes great responsibility,” and who has more power than superheroes? At the end of the day, they are taking the law into their own hands. Also, superheroes do seem to cause a lot of property damage whenever a big fight breaks out, so it does seem like there should be a system in place that holds them accountable for things like that; this is what Iron Man’s team represents. While people like Captain America and others will try to use their superhero status wisely, there’s always going to be someone with power who becomes a danger to everyone from his/her inability or naivety to use that power the right way; it’s only a matter of time before innocents get caught in the crossfire because of it (check out the beginning of the Civil War comics if you want an example of that). It may be wrong to some, but it might just be for the best.


  1. Iron Man Is AWESOME!!

Every team needs a strong leader, and Iron Man is the right choice for the job. The guy is one of the smartest minds on the planet, is capable of taking out armies by himself, and has saved the entire world on more than one occasion; he’s definitely a guy you’d want leading you into battle. Captain America may be a living legend, but Iron Man is genius who can probably formulate a hundred strategies to take him down. All and all, you should join Team Iron Man because Iron Man is just awesome!


Which side are you on, are ready to sign up with Iron Man or would you rather be on Team Cap? Let me know below!