5 Reasons Why You Should Not Watch The Force Awakens


You see the articles; Rotten Tomatoes reviews The Force Awakens at 95%, Star Wars breaks box office records. Yes, it all sounds great and wonderful, but we ask that you think a little before allowing yourself to get sucked into all the painfully persuasive, positive and pervading media noise. Taking a step back and applying a liberal dose of sound logic, we’ve devised some very sensible reasons detailing why you should ABSOLUTELY NOT watch The Force Awakens.

1.  You enjoyed your Facebook hiatus, so why stop now?

More Facebook = More Problems

2.  You will catch the feels for BB-8 and will be forced to build a working model

True story, don’t believe us?  Here he is!


3.  You will leave the theater in tears…

It’s just too beautiful!!!

4.  There will be more popcorn for me when I re-watch it…

After all, I will be returning for a second, third, fourth(?) time…

5.  If you don’t go to see The Force Awakens, then you can justify not going to the next four as well…

…and you know… save a little money



But I guess, if you like to see your money burn, then go to see Star Wars in theaters.  But remember… you have been warned.